M247 machine gun/Gameplay

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  • On Outskirts, the M247 can be used to quickly kill the Hunters. On Cairo Station, players can use the M247 to eliminate the Covenant boarding party when it docks early in the level. In Metropolis, the M247 appears again towards the end of the level. Here, players can use the turret to quickly dispose of the Elites, Grunts, and Jackals that are deployed from the Deutoros-pattern Scarab. On Quarantine Zone, a barricade of Flood man a trio of turrets in front of the passageway to the gondola.


  • The turret usually overlooks a good area and is readily accessible. While the gunner is capable of cutting down waves of infantry, its location, tactical value, and lack of mobility usually mark it as an immediate target if the assailant can hit the gunner from behind. Because of this, it is a good idea for the gunner to have a spotter. This is always a good multiplayer tactic, but here it applies especially well as the gunner's rear is completely unprotected, unlike that of its Covenant counterpart. The mobility of the Shade is 360°, but the M247 only allows a 180° area of fire. Having an ally watching the gunner's back will substantially increase their effectiveness and potential lifespan.
  • On maps with other vehicles, the gunner should be mindful of his limitations. The M247 is effective against infantry and light ground vehicles, not tanks. If an enemy Scorpion tank or Wraith approaches, the occupant should find cover immediately.
  • When up against the M247, it is important to focus on the turret's three main weaknesses: its weakness to explosives, lack of cover, and the lack of mobility. Explosives will easily take the emplacement down, a sniper can take advantage of the gunner's lack of cover, and an experienced player will be able to maneuver behind the gunner and kill him.