List of REQ cards/Assassinations

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Image Name Rarity Description
REQ Card - Don't Flip Out.png Don't Flip Out Common The medics will patch them right up.
REQ Card - Meat Hook.png Meat Hook Common I know what you did last War Games match.
H5G REQ Cards - A Good Ribbing.jpeg A Good Ribbing Uncommon You'll always have the last laugh.
H5G REQ Cards - Shove It.jpeg Shove It Uncommon Bringing knives to gunfights since 2553.
H5G REQ Cards - Spin Cycle.jpeg Spin Cycle Uncommon Cleanup in War Games, Bay Two.
H5G REQ Cards - And Stay Down.jpeg And Stay Down Rare If I told you once, I told you a million times.
H5G REQ Cards - Fisticuffs.jpeg Fisticuffs Rare Good old fashioned beatdown.
REQ Card - Get Low.png Get Low Rare It's the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation.
H5G REQ Cards - Liftoff.jpeg Liftoff Rare Pow! Right to the moon!
H5G-Assassination-OhSnap.png Oh Snap Rare I've got something to take your mind off the pain.
H5G REQ Cards - Over The Top.jpeg Over The Top Rare Well that's just uncalled for.
H5G REQ Cards - Take Out the Trash.png Take Out the Trash Rare Always remember to recycle used Spartans.
H5G REQ Cards - That Took Guts.jpeg That Took Guts Rare That will leave a scar.
H5G-Assassination-Windup.png Windup Rare Twist and shout.
REQ Card - Back Breaker.png Back Breaker Ultra Rare They'll break first.
H5G REQ Cards - Emile's Regards.jpeg Emile's Regards Ultra Rare/Mythic It was fated to end this way.
H5G REQ Cards - Eyebiter.jpeg Eyebiter Ultra Rare Sightless eyes staring into nothing.
H5G REQ Cards - Helping Hands.png Helping Hands Ultra Rare Just kidding.
H5G REQ Cards - Inevitability.png Inevitability Ultra Rare You cannot fight fate.
H5G-Assassination-NiceTry.png Nice Try Ultra Rare They won't be back for the sequel.
H5G-Assassination-StopStabbingYourself.png Stop Stabbing Yourself Ultra Rare They started it!
REQ Card - Sweep the leg.png Sweep the Leg Ultra Rare Taught in all Venezian dojos.
H5G REQ Cards - Take A Look.jpeg Take A Look Ultra Rare I've got something to show you.
H5G-Assassination-TerminalVelocity.png Terminal Velocity Ultra Rare There's a sudden stop at the end.
H5G REQ Cards - The Kickoff.jpeg The Kickoff Ultra Rare Spartan Intramural Football Championship Edition.
REQ Card - 104 Ways To Die.png 104 Ways To Die Legendary/Mythic This is second on the list.
H5G-Assassination-KneedfulThings.png Knee-dful Things Legendary All in good pun.
H5G REQ Card - Lawn Dart.jpeg Lawn Dart Legendary If the UNSC wanted you to fly they would issue wings.
H5G REQ Card - Spinal Tap.jpeg Spinal Tap Legendary Turn the deadliness up to 11.
H5G REQ Card - Supernova.png Supernova Legendary For a brick, he flew pretty good.