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Line commands are methods of communicating directly with human computers by way of a keyboard, circumventing any graphical interface. Through them, access can be obtained to any file directory and certain types of files can be executed. These directories and executable files can even be hidden to programs running on the computer, including AIs.

Although most have long since forgotten them by the 26th century, their use still exists and is practiced by certain learned individuals such as Dr. Catherine Halsey. Dr. Halsey researched line commands for her second doctoral thesis. She was later able to use them to destroy the hostile AI Araqiel by activating the fail-safe measure in his programming.[1]

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  1. ^ Halo: First Strike, pages 127-128 (The holograph of Araquiel leaned over her shoulder. "What is that? I don't recognize that directory path... or those"--he sniffed derisively--"archaic line commands." "These commands were invented, refined, and then discarded and forgotten long before even the first functional dumb AI was online," Dr. Halsey told him. "I learned them when I was fifteen, working on my second doctoral thesis.")