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Here is a list of quotes from Jul 'Mdama.[1]

Halo: Glasslands[edit]

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  • They’ll be back. They’re like the Flood. They expand to fill every available space. They devour everything in their path. Except they can plan and wait, and persuade our more gullible brothers with clever argument, which makes them even more dangerous.”
  • "And even you don’t listen to me. Am I the only one who can see that the humans are just catching their breath? They won’t forget, and they won’t forgive. They certainly won’t stop their colonization."
  • "The humans don’t have this problem. Clever little vermin. Backward, small, and not the best at anything. But good enough at everything. Survivors."

Halo: The Thursday War[edit]

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  • "Not mine. Gods don't die or forget to return. Gods choose better prophets than the San'Shyuum, too."
  • "No, but I’m prepared to be persuaded if one should appear."
  • "My only lie is that I don’t believe in gods. But that’s between me and my mortal soul."
  • "The humans killed my wife. They tried to kill me. They'll try to kill all of us. But most of all — they killed Raia."
  • "She thought I was a fool to follow 'Telcam. She was right. I'm so sorry, Raia."
  • "She's gone. It's not fair. She did nothing to deserve it."
  • "You were right about the humans, Didact. It's a pity you aren't around now to help Sanghelios."
  • "The Didact. Not even the Huragok were allowed to know where he went. He despised humanity, as should we all."

Halo 4[edit]



  • No, my loyal friend. The planet is where the Forerunners promised us it would be. Find us a way inside. Requiem's treasures shall be ours.
  • Prepare boarding parties! Keep the humans away from Requiem!



Spartan Ops[edit]


  • Infinity's arrival has advanced my schedule. Rise, Gek.
  • You are prepared now, brother. Bring the artifact's gift!
  • He offers his knowledge in exchange for his life. I am willing to accept his offer...for a time.

Didact's Hand[edit]

  • I know what the Librarian will say, Glassman. She will tell us where all things sacred are hidden in this galaxy. Ships, weapons, bounties beyond our imagining. And she will tell us how to make those miracles... our own.

Memento Mori[edit]


  • You have woken the Librarian.
  • Now will I learn all she has to--
  • What is the meaning of this?! Glassman! The human has tricked us. He must pay for his blasphemy! After him!
  • Glassman's escape is unacceptable, Brother.
  • See that you do, Gek.


  • "You... are Catherine Halsey?"
  • "How do you know...?"
  • "What is it that you want?"


  • Glassman failed me and paid the price. But you... You are no fool, Doctor Halsey. Like me, you seek knowledge.
  • I have power, Doctor!
  • A vain attempt to deceive me.
  • No! I must be the one...


  • This is the Librarian's gift? This is what we came for? Full of the Forerunner's secrets?
  • Blasphemy! Kill the intruder!
  • Knights, protect me!


  • We have what we came for. Initiate the evacuation. Whoever does not make it to a ship will die with Requiem.
  • You gave the other half to your compatriots.
  • After your betrayal, you are lucky I did not let you bleed to death.
  • What is it you desire?

Halo: Escalation[edit]

  • It worked? How?
  • The humans have commenced their assault on the shrine.
  • Down to the smallest detail, Halsey. So there is no excuse if this doesn't work.
  • Remove his muzzle. Let him kneel before me and renounce his sins.
  • Who, then, do you claim is the true hand?
  • Sali 'Nyon? Sali 'Nyon is a delusional pig possessed by demons.
  • Brothers, if you hear even the slightest rumor of blasphemy, I order you to undertake the necessary actions yourselves. All heretics are to be eliminated immediately. They shall receive no further audience with me.
  • So it did. But let this be the last time we speak of the extreme methods employed in the most dire matter.
  • The fabrication of false artifacts is sacrilege. One does not make imperfect copies of perfect objects.
  • Wha--?
  • I'll send out the signal, put all teams on high alert.
  • I…I did not… I gave no order to attack!
  • Who fired those shots?!
  • Quiet! I am the commander of this ship. It is my decision, not yours!
  • It is too late for that. The humans have already discovered our presence.
  • What has happened is not my primary concern. We still have a massive advantage. If we move quickly, we will have the area completely surrounded by the time the rest of the human forces arrive.
  • Then I will identify those responsible for compromising this operation. And after they are properly shamed, I'm going to cut them to pieces.
  • Another traitor? Their numbers are greater than I'd imagined.
  • Nonesense.
  • So Sali's finally making his move.
  • Sali's timing was fortunate. His followers probably see that as some type as divine influence. The best way to correct that misconception is to drag his corpse through the dirt. What of our progress on the holy site?
  • When you reach the inner chamber, kill them all. Except Glassman, I've got a special punishment planned for him.
  • Doctor Halsey…
  • An unexceptional warrior and an inept commander. But his devotion to the Forerunners is true, and some of our more impressionable brothers are drawn by his fervor. As long as Sali continues to breathe, the rebellion has life. He must be eliminated immediately.
  • I am fully aware of the growing complexity of the situation. That is why I have revised my decision to keep you on the ship…
  • No more tests, Halsey. There have been enough delays.
  • With the fleet growing so strong, I'd hate to squander my progress on another fruitless excursion.
  • The losses from our efforts to retake the key were less severe than I'd feared. The insurgency has been crushed and this new Covenant is finally shaping up into something permenant.
  • A tempting proposition. We have been incredibly fortunate as of late.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]


  • "What is the problem?" - Jul to Halsey.
  • "More human sarcasm."
  • "You claim to be able to access--" Jul, before being interrupted by Halsey.
  • "The security situation is not stable. There is no time to dither. You will also accord me the respect befitting of the Didact's Hand."
  • "ENOUGH!" - To Halsey after she remarks over the Covenant's lack of unity.
  • "Resume your work." - To Halsey.
  • "I tire of this doctor. You have been chasing shadows for weeks to no avail." - To Halsey immediately before Fireteam Osiris's ambush begins.
  • "Kill them!" - Jul's last words, said to his nearby Zealots.