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Joyride Studios/Halo 2 Series 8

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The Joyride Halo 2 Series 8 action figures were manufactured by Joyride Studios. They were released in July 2006. All the figures are based off the characters from Halo 2.


Master Chief[edit]

The Master Chief Version 4 action figure includes two figures: a Master Chief figure and a Flood Infection Form figure.

The Master Chief figure is armed with a Shotgun and Magnum, and features 23 points of articulation.

Heretic Elite Leader[edit]

The Heretic Elite Leader action figure was based off of Sesa 'Refumee. The box summary provided Halo fans with additional insight into the Elite character that was not yet known, such as his name.

It includes two Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifles and a Holo-Drone, which 'Refumee used in the game.

Heretic Grunt[edit]

The Heretic Grunt action figure was the first figure off of the Heretic Grunts. Unlike the other Grunt figures, the Methane Tank has two tubes, and a mouthpiece that allows you to see the Grunt's teeth. This figure did not see past prototyping.

It is armed with a Plasma Pistol.


The Jackal action figure was modeled after the Jackal Minors. It includes a detachable Energy Shield and a Plasma Pistol.


On each action figure unit, Joyride has included a serial number, which allows you to find out when the action figure was created. The date code has four numbers followed by 'SS' actually stamped or embossed in the cardboard. The first three digits are the date the product was made, and the fourth digit is the year. For example: 2653SS means the product was manufactured on the 265th day of 2003 (9/23/2003).[1]