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Joseph Tung

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This article is about the Bungie employee. For other people with the same name, see Joseph (disambiguation).
Joseph Tung in the ViDoc O Brave New World.

Joseph Tung is one of the members of the Bungie Staff. He helped work on Halo 3, and was the executive producer of Halo: Reach.[1]


Nickname: New0001
Classification: OldSkool
Current Job: Multiplayer Producer
Origin: Ex nihilo
Blood Type: Classified
Age: 32
Weight: 12.9 stones
Height: 4.044 cubits
Girth: Classified
First Job: Heliotrope
Hobby: Ephemera
Ultimate Halo Match: Hot sniper on sniper action
Ultimate Snack: Chu Toro
Ultimate Website:
Mode of Transport: Divine winds
Fake Weapon: Love
Biography: Joe is not a hot chick.