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January 3, 2554[1]

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Captain Ingridson was the commanding officer of the United Rebel Front forces on Draco III during the rebellion of 2554.


Draco III rebellion[edit]

Captain Ingridson and her United Rebel Front forces took control of Draco III's capitol building located in New Albany, Lombard and barricaded themselves inside of the building.[2] In response, ONI Captain Veronica Dare sent in Orbital Drop Shock Trooper squad Alpha-Nine, led by Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, to retake the capitol building and eliminate Ingridson.[3]

Alpha-Nine managed to fight their way into the heart of the building, making it to the legislature floor that the rebels used as their headquarters. Ingridson's forces managed to successfully trap and pin Alpha-Nine, forcing the confrontation into a stalemate. One of the ODSTs, the Rookie, attempted to flank around behind the rebels who had Alpha-Nine trapped. Captain Ingridson captured the Rookie, however, and attempted to use him as a bargaining chip to force the rest of the ODSTs to surrender. Her attempt failed, and she ended up killing the Rookie before being killed by Dutch. The URF rebellion failed as the rest of their forces were eliminated by Alpha-Nine.

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