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Cut content
A screenshot of Forerunner City.

The Lost City is a visual look-development level that was developed during the production of Halo 3. The level was based around a Forerunner city and was described as being so immense that ""it could be a game in itself".

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Medic Warthog 1.png

The Medical Troop Warthog is a Warthog type included in the files of Halo 3 but is inaccessible during gameplay. It's appearance is that of a Troop Warthog, but with two benches being replaced with stretchers.

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The G4H-DuSH Rocket Launcher was a weapon that was created in concept art as a new type of rocket launcher.

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H3 GuardianForest Concept 1.jpg

The Guardian Forest was a level that was concepted and had several plot elements and an enemy designed for it.

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