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Hicham Upadte

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Hicham Upadte
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"They want us to think that they aren’t being listened to, but they just want to keep all the power and influence to themselves. They sit on their hands while we lie in our graves!"
— Hicham stokes rebellious fervor on Aleria.[1]

Hicham Upadte is a colonist living on the Outer Colony of Aleria.[1]


In 2556, Hicham became very outspoken against not only the Unified Earth Government, but the government of Aleria as well. He charged that the planetary administration was not doing enough to secure aid from the UEG in response to the devastating effects of the Devil's Kiss, a century-long drought, that still were having disastrous effects on Aleria. Many Alerians agreed that his complaints were not without merit, though they were in the minority. Most continued to simply put all of the blame on the Inner Colonies.[1]

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