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Gamemode name
An image of the game in-progress


  • Game
    • DLC (If required)

Recommended number of players:

2v2/4v4/6v6/8v8 etc

Recommended map(s):

List particularly well-suited maps (if the gametype is common across the series, this field can be left blank)


The opening section should state the gamemode name, what game(s) it can be played in and some basic attributes such as Team-based or FFA, player counts and what DLC (if any) are required to play it.


This section should provide an overview of the game rules as they appear in the default gametype. Depending on complexity (IE for modes such as Invasion or Dominion), multiple sub-sections may be needed.


Due to the customisability of gametypes in custom game settings, this section should provide a brief overview of any major gametype variations found in the Halo games. As a guide for notability, this should include gametype variants present on-disc by default or used in matchmaking. This section can also cover other gamemodes that are similar but not the same (IE Warzone vs. Warzone Assault, Invasion vs. Invasion Slayer etc).

Supported maps

This section is not required for all gamemodes, and is only particularly needed for specialist gametypes that may be playable on a select few maps such as Invasion, Dominion, Warzone, Blitz or Firefight.

Unlocks and rewards

This section should be used to detail the various medals, commendations, challenges and unlocks (such as armor permutations or nameplates) that can be achieved only by playing the gamemode in question.


This section should describe the achievements available for unlock in this gamemode, using a table such as the one found on this page.

Production notes

This section should include notes on the level's development, if needed.


Redundant trivia should be avoided. Glitches, Easter Eggs, Misc Information, and References subsections should be added here. If Easter Eggs or Glitches are a large enough section, they can be given a dedicated heading above this one.


This section should be used to show images of the map.