Halo 6: Yabda Cuts Loose

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This article contains information about a non-canonical subject that, while official, is not part of the established Halo universe.

Halo 6: Yadba Cuts Loose was a joke script for Halo Infinite (which had yet to be announced at the time, and was known by the community as "Halo 6"), written by Nick Ardizzone. It focused on the exploits of the Unggoy Yabda "the Merciless", one of the announcers from Halo 5: Guardians, as he partakes in acts such as attempting to "befriend" Spartan Locke. The script was placed in the Halo Mannequin Challenge as an Easter egg.[1]


The following is a transcript of all visible text from the Halo 6: Yabda Cuts Loose script. Any gaps in the text which cannot be read are replaced with "[...]"

Cover Page[edit]



written entirely by Nick Ardizzone
against the explicit wishes
of the narrative department

Script Page[edit]

Exhausted but victorious, Locke leaves the Warzone sim chamber. Yabda scampers out of the observation booth after him, then leans nonchalantly against the wall.

Yabda: Spartan Lox, we got so much tension feels right now.

Locke: Yabda? I'm not sure I follow.

Yabda: Remember when I did that talking about you capturing the east armory?

Yabda leans in close.

Yabda (cont'd): (whispering) You was really capturing my heart.

Locke: I... need to leave now. I need-

Yabda reaches up to place a scaly finger on Locke's visor.

Yabda: Shush now. Don't do talking.

Locke: ...what do you think you're doing?

Yabda: Makin' friends like a real human. And I am doing a real good job at it!

Locke: Who told you this is how humans make friends?

Yabda: Spartan Buck teached me everything!

Locke (ON COMMS): Buck. Answer me. Buck, I swear t [...]

[...] a disconcerting series of jerky [...] ing motions, [...] begins to shed his armor. Locke [...] on in horror.

Yabda: NOW! Let ou [...] ance! We [...]