Gespu-pattern fuel rod gun/Gameplay

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  • As with the previous Pez'tk-pattern fuel rod gun, the Type-58 fuel rod cannon is best used against armor at medium range and against enemy positions and gun emplacements at long range.
  • Indirect hits usually do not kill, but instead cause some knockback, so make every shot count. Keep a precision weapon handy when possible.
  • The explosive fuel rods can deal great damage to even Promethean Knights, bypassing the need to shoot them at their side weakpoints.
  • Regardless of whether or not the projectiles directly hit, the fuel rod cannon can instantly kill a campaign playable character and make them unrevivable until they respawn.
  • In the campaign, the fuel rod cannon first appears in Blue Team, found in the coolant pipes area and in the Prowler hangar. It later appears in all later levels where Covenant appear as enemies.
  • Warzone, Arena, and Campaign feature two additional variants:
    • Light of Urs: an improved Fuel Rod Cannon with faster moving projectiles that can be fired more quickly, have a larger blast radius, and can lock on to vehicles at the expense of a slight damage reduction. This weapon is more useful for anti-infantry engagements, but is still otherwise somewhat effective against large targets. It is also available in the mission Genesis, where it comes in handy against Promethean Knights, enemy Wraiths, and the Warden Eternals.
    • Pool of Radiance: an advanced Fuel Rod Cannon with a 40% lower rate of fire compared to the normal weapon but the fuel rods leave behind explosive submunitions, have a 42% larger blast radius, and feature a proximity airburst fuse. This weapon is very useful against bosses (e.g. Warden Eternal) or other slow-moving/large targets (e.g. Scorpions). It is also available in the mission Reunion, where it comes in handy against the Warden Eternal and his Prometheans, especially if paired with the Talon of the Lost Needler, even on Legendary difficulty.