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Filial Devotion
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Filial Devotion was a Forerunner who lived during the time of the Forerunner-Flood war. The individual wrote a letter to their father which was visible on the seventh Terminal that John-117 encountered on Installation 00.[1]

Filial Devotion's letter[edit]


I hope this message finds you well and helps you understand my decision. Today I leave the only world I have ever called home, not for glory or [the anomalous desire to end another's life[?]] as you have [indicted]; but to [travel the path of demons[?]] to spare the hands of [another Father's son].

"Had we acted sooner; had we acted more decisively..."

Living in the past is a luxury none of us can afford. We must learn from it, but we cannot live there. It is impossible to plan for the [now]--the present is ever fleeting. [The future] is where we must live--[the future] is what we must plan for.

I do not look to trade my life in order to preserve our past, but to secure the future--and if not ours, then the future of some [culture] yet to come.

Isn't sacrifice in the interest of others what you always spoke of as being so noble? Should I have allowed another to bloody his hands while I remained safe behind a [shield of privilege]?

You raised me better than that.

[Filial Devotion]



Filial Devotion can be translated into "dedication to one's son or daughter" which could possibly reflect on the relationship Filial Devotion's father had with his child.

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