Eternal Reward

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Eternal Reward
Production information


CAS-class assault carrier[1]



5,347 meters (17,540 ft)[2]


2,118 meters (6,950 ft)[2]


746 meters (2,450 ft)[2]

Slipspace drive:



Service information


November 3, 2552[1]

Participated battles:

Battle of Installation 05[1]


Covenant (formerly)[1]


Eternal Reward was a CAS-class assault carrier that was formerly in service with the Covenant until the Great Schism.[1]


On November 3, 2552, the Sangheili-crewed Eternal Reward was posted at High Charity over Installation 05 when the Great Schism began. The five Covenant destroyers and three cruisers tasked to support Eternal Reward had been crewed by San'Shyuum Prelates and Jiralhanae, and attacked the carrier when the Great Schism began over High Charity. Eternal Reward, along with Shadow of Intent, were the only Sangheili-crewed CAS-class assault carriers to partake in the battle over High Charity. However, Eternal Reward was preoccupied by the eight destroyers and cruisers attacking the carrier at close range. The carrier was able to destroy its attackers except for the CRS-class light cruiser Spear of Light, under the command of Prelate Tem'Bhetek. Eternal Reward eventually became heavily damaged and the carrier's surviving crew were forced to abandon the ship before it was destroyed.[1]

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