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Endeavor One
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Seattle, Washington, USA


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Halo titles developed:

Halo Recruit


Endeavor One is a Seattle based VR company focused on entertainment based experiences and social gaming.[1]


Endeavor One is a small powerhouse studio with ties to the Halo series. Its co-founder, Tom Doyle, was the former lead artist at Bungie Studios. After more than a decade of working for Bungie, Doyle left to start-up Endeavor One with Sherry Floyd, along with other artists, designers and engineers that hailed from Bungie, Warner Brothers, Sony, and Valve.

The company's first VR project, Jump, a large scale first-person jumping puzzle game, was released on SteamVR in the summer of 2015.[1]

Endeavor One later partnered with Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries to bring Halo Recruit to life for Windows Mixed Reality.[2]


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