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This article contains information about a fan-made subject that is not considered a part of the official Halo universe.

Developer mode, or "Devmode", is a utility used primarily for Halo Custom Edition. It allows commands to be entered during gameplay using a console and is commonly used to test user-created maps.

Accessing Devmode[edit]

To create a Devmode shortcut, find a shortcut to Halo Custom Edition and copy it. Then, right-click the new shortcut's icon, and select Properties. A text field labeled "Target" will have the value "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\haloce.exe"; change this to read "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\haloce.exe" -console -devmode.

To load Halo Custom Edition with Devmode enabled, simply open the new shortcut. Do note however that shortcuts with Devmode enabled will prevent the user from joining internet and LAN servers, and removes one's ability to create an internet game. The user will only be able to create a LAN game.

List of commands[edit]

Commands marked with "<#>" require a 1 (for activating) or a 0 (for deactivating) in place of the symbol.[alternate 1]

The following is a simple list of useful commands. For a list of commands, simply press the Tab button with the console opened.

  • rasterizer_stats <#> = 2 displays a frame rate counter along with categorized vertex and triangle counts for the scene being viewed. 4 displays information on memory usage for the game. 5 displays a simple frame rate counter and information such as maximum, minimum and average frame rates for the scene.
  • cheat_omnipotent <#> = Enabling this cheat makes the player's shots kill anything they hit -- instantly (and if the player shoots an indestructible vehicle, like a warthog, it will render it useless as the player cannot enter it).
  • cheat_all_powerups = Spawns all powerups near the player.
  • cheat_all_vehicles = Spawns all standard vehicles near the player.
  • cheat_all_weapons = Spawns all weapons near the player.
  • cheat_bottomless_clip <#> = Enables a bottomless clip -- the player never has to reload, and weapons never overheat.
  • cheat_bump_possession <#> = Allows the player to control any character by bumping into them.
  • cheat_deathless_player <#> = Makes the player invulnerable to any damage, including the maximum falling damage height restrictions.
  • cheat_infinite_ammo <#> = Gives the player unlimited ammunition.
  • cheat_jetpack <#> = Prevents falling damage from occurring -- useful for moving lower in a level or with cheat_super_jump.
  • cheat_medusa <#> = When this command is enabled, any enemy unit that sees the player will be instantly killed.
  • cheat_spawn_warthog = Spawns a standard Warthog near the player.
  • cheat_super_jump <#> = Allows the player to jump very high, which is useful for maneuvering around a level during its construction.
  • cheat_teleport_to_camera = Teleports the player to the current camera position.
  • debug_objects <#> = Shows visual representations of the game objects' or models' bounding radii and collision models.
  • debug_portals <#> = Draws or outlines the portal definitions in the game.
  • debug_sound <#> = Shows visual representations of the sounds being played and their audible radii, along with labels indicating the specific sound being played.
  • error_suppress_all <#> = Enabled by default; this cheat suppresses all error messages. Disabling it will show errors that occur during gameplay, something that is useful when debugging content and game problems.
  • game_speed <#>1-20 = Changes the speed of the game. It is useful for pausing the game or for traveling around an environment quickly during level creation or debugging.
  • map_name [map name] = Manually loads a specific level.
  • debug_camera_save = Saves the current player camera as the debug camera.
  • debug_camera_load = Loads the most recently saved camera location; if there is no saved camera, it loads the camera at numerous default positions.
  • camera_control <#> = Loads the default camera in the player's biped.

Alldev and Devtrainer[edit]

Alldev is a devmode program that works for Halo: PC and for Halo: Custom Edition multiplayer. Basically, it allows server hosts to cheat. Non-hosts can use the lesser cheats, but cheats such as invincibility can only be achieved by the host. Often, people will host servers with Alldev for the sole purpose of having fun with cheats on.

Devtrainer, or Developer Trainer, is another devmode program which also works for Halo: CE. Instead of allowing the user to use commands on the console, it has a simple list of command codes built into it. Basic cheats such as super jump and invincibility can be switched on with the press of a button. One of DevTrainer's greatest features is its built-in ability to freeze time, allowing the player to stop all slow-moving projectiles, grenades, AI-controlled characters, and vehicles. It does not allow the player to freeze other players in place, unless they happen to be driving a vehicle.


  1. ^ Alternatively, "on" and "off" (without the quotation marks) can be used to activate and deactivate commands. Do note that some of them have other numerical commands.

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