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Chris Hughes

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Chris Hughes is also a former Bungie Studios employee.


Early work[edit]

Chris got his start as a computer graphics artist in 1993 with Unexpected Development, where he worked on several games for different platforms.[1]


At Bungie he worked as a concept artist, character, object and environment modeler for the game Oni, Modeling important characters such as Mai Hasegawa.[2]

After his work on Oni, worked as an artist and modeler for Halo: Combat Evolved. He created the original look and models for Cortana and 343 Guilty Spark, among other things. Where Chris Hughes' inspiration for Cortana was Nefertiti,[3] and 343 Guilty Spark's silhouette shape came from a paper toilet seat sanitary cover.[4]

Chris also worked on Captain Jacob Keyes and the form he took in the Proto-Gravemind, the Marines, the Jackal, minor touch ups to the spikes and gun on the Hunter, the Aggressor Sentinel, and the Human Flood Combat form.[1]


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