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This is a list of quotes by Catalog. For an archive of posts by the Halo Waypoint user posing as Catalog, see here.

Halo: Silentium[edit]

  • "I am Catalog. I record all that I am called upon to witness. I am filled with evidence and testimony related to the cases at hand. Accessing investigations conducted on other worlds, I study many histories: clans and families and partners split apart by the Flood war, cities destroyed, star systems scoured to prevent infection. All that terror and hatred burn inside me like so many flame-carved scars. These events echo through the Domain, and inevitably attract the attention of Juridicals. The Juridicals then dispatch Catalog."
  • "I am one of many. We are all the same. In theory."
  • "Once my presence has been mandated, no one can refuse me. In the investigation of a possible crime, Catalog determines what is passed along to the Juridicals. Nobody wishes to be accused of crimes against the Mantle. But that is just one of the potential charges on which I gather testimony and evidence."
  • "Before I took the carapace, I absorbed the attitudes of Warrior-Servants. I never fought humans, however. As for the Juridicals — their conservatism comes of long experience with the Domain. The cosmos, Lifeshaper, is highly conservative, don't you agree?"
  • "Observing the rule of the Mantle is our primary duty as well. All our laws rise to that brilliant glow."
  • "The strength of Catalog lies in personal awareness of the nature of guilt."
  • "I do not judge. I record."
  • "No permission is necessary. I am Catalog. I listen."
  • "I am Catalog."
  • Catalog: "So much to catch up on... Oh, my. Juridicals have reorganized. We have been found wanting. There was corruption."
  • Ur-Didact: "Indeed."
  • Catalog: Oh, my. The Flood has entered over five hundred systems and infected thousands of worlds and entire fleets."
  • Sharp-By-Striking: "Tell us something encouraging."
  • Catalog: "All of those systems have fallen silent, and it is assumed that their defenses have been placed at the disposal of the Flood."
  • Sharp-By-Striking: "That isn't what I meant."
—A damaged Catalog, the Ur-Didact and Sharp-by-Striking while stranded on a Builder hulk within a Burn
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