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BuzzSat is a news agency based on the human Outer Colony of Gao. BuzzSat reporters, colloquially referred to as "newsmongers", are often known to be biased and openly support the Gao Republic's independence from the Unified Earth Government;[1] the Committee to Preserve Gao Independence is often portrayed in a positive light as a result.[2] BuzzSat reporters wear earpieces with a pinky-sized camera attached to the top, allowing the reporter to record or broadcast what they were viewing live. On July 5, 2553, Gloria Baer, a reporter for BuzzSat, was aboard Gao Ministry of Protection patrol corvette Esmeralda to record Minister Arlo Casille leading his fleet of corvettes to destroy four UNSC insertion crafts and the minister's announcement of his intentions to remove President Tejo Aponte from office.[3]

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