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Bob Casper
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Doctor Bob Casper is a human affiliated with the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]


Zeta Halo project[edit]

In 2555, after the discovery of Installation 07 by Luther Mann, Casper was put in charge of the Zeta Halo project. This purpose of this project is to research the various structures and systems on Installation 07/Zeta Halo.[2]

ONI Conference[edit]

In 2555, Casper was present for a meeting by the Office of Naval Intelligence in Sydney's HIGHCOM Facility. He was joined by CINCONI Serin Osman, several military representatives and William Iqbal.[3] After Iqbal informed them of the countdown Luther Mann and Henry Lamb had discovered on Installation 07, Casper told them it was very likely a countdown to the activation of the Halo Array,[4] which prompted the group to send an expedition to the Ark to stop the activation.[5] Casper was tasked with relocating Mann and Lamb to the Exession at Voi so they could activate it and travel to the Ark. Casper also recommended Olympia Vale come along as an intermediary between the humans and Sangheili who were participating on the expedition in case tensions arose.[6]

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