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Hunt the Truth - Season 2[edit]

CUBE B-349[edit]

  • "Hello, Black Box. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Awful." - After Noah Reibach asks him to greet Maya Sankar.
  • "Maya, I’m very much looking forward to our time together. I’ve heard lots of... things about you."
  • "Not okay with what? Being deployed on a high-risk operation that is well beyond your pre-established purview? Or is it the part about being partnered with a highly intelligent AI with the proven experience and expertise integral to the success of this mission."


  • "A world-gone-dark is a scary question hanging in space. You need to be present and ready. There could be anything beneath those clouds and I’d prefer not to die today." - While BB travels with Maya to Conrad's Point.
  • "What a heinous, depressing rock. It’s really no wonder these people are so angry, they make camp on waste-worlds. I mean, I’d be quite angry myself." - BB surveys the surface.
  • "This region is lovely. Just lovely. All the... rocks."
  • "Well, now that all of that ceremonious posturing is out of the way, can we get on with the mission at hand?" - After Maya and Ari Rezneck hold each other at gunpoint but realize they're on the same side.
  • "The name is Black-Box. Your reputation precedes you, Captain."
  • "I am but a lapel pin." - BB quiets himself as rebels approach.
  • "I transmitted a detailed report back to headquarters. Apparently command is authorizing a strike using our current position as coordinates. Opportunity to kill Ilsa Zane is too great. Time is of the essence. We must go now."
  • "I’m checking the feeds, hold on... Oh my. This can’t be. It’s… the Master Chief. He's dead."
  • "Maya. If you could go a bit faster, someone is firing at us."


  • "Mshak Moradi! Well, you’re rather energetic for a dead man."
  • "The official report indicated that you’ve been terminated – quite brutally if I record. He does looked like he has been tortured."
  • “An avatar is for the benefit of humans. Not for the AI. Well in my case, anyway. Some of my kind have issues about identity.“
  • "I am pure intellect, I feel no need to affect a façade in order to make myself more palatable to humans. I am what I am. I am Black Box." - As Mshak inquires as to BB's cube avatar.
  • "Black is the absence of light, a hologram can’t display black." - When told his avatar is blue.
  • "No, oh, hang on…yes." - After Mshak accuses BB of electrocuting him.
  • "We also have excellent hearing." - As Mshak tells Maya the "computer zombie" can't be trusted.
  • "Actually it’s methane and I’m fairly certain that Grunts were far from wiping out humanity single handedly." - After Mshak refers to Unggoy as a genocidal "alien race that breathes farts".
  • "Maya, I wish ONI was wrong with the monstrous efficiency you and Mshak imagine."
  • "What’s really going on, Maya is that you’re walking a treacherous and narrow path, but if you return with me and the data to ONI you may just avoid falling off."
  • "My communications had been incapacitated by the blackout array since we arrived, perhaps they tracked us from Conrad’s Point..." - When BB is accused to leaking their location to ONI.


  • "It’s a beautiful language, isn’t it?" - Referring to Kig-Yar language.
  • "He says he’s now opting to send you out the airlock in pieces. And now he’s swearing and - oh, well I’m not translating that." - Interpreting Kig-Yar speech to Maya.
  • "My records indicate this vessel is called the 'Dedication'."
  • "Roughly translated, the shipmistress would like to welcome you aboard the Rampant Perdition." - After the shipmistress rebukes using the ship's old name.
  • "She says, that if you wish to live you must prove your value by providing her with 60,000 credits." - After Maya tries to bait the pirates into trying to spare them for ransom.
  • "I have no translation, it seems to be an ancient word, something not in common usage." - After a mortally wounded Sangheili says what attacked him.
  • "He says he was at one of the colonies on a diplomatic mission, he saw the event and was badly injured but he cannot describe it, he keeps using the ancient word...a...and now he’s just ranting about him, a demon."
  • "Intelligence is a tapestry, this data must be combined with everything else ONI knows to separate truth from fiction."
  • "I have almost infinite intelligence-"
  • "There are several reasons why that is an atrocious idea. Firstly, the electric shock might kill you. Secondly, the electric shock might kill me. Thirdly, UNSC AI’s are expressly forbidden from interfacing with Covenant ships... but seeing as how you are already carrying me over to the conduit and I don’t have a way to physically stop you, I’m guessing that it’s about to happen anyway." - As Maya proposes plugging him into an open energy conduit.
  • "Well, what a few million Volts between friends. Once more unto the breach!"
  • "Just because that worked doesn’t mean that was a good idea."
  • "It’s hard to precisely translate her instructions, but they do involve clawing your eyes out."
  • "She says, their ship is mighty and powerful, none can stand against them and live."
  • "Impressive insight, Maya - for a human. My scans do indicate that the slipspace engine is locked down, probably an old security measure put in place before the Kig-Yar seized the ship."