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Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST[edit]


  • As in all vehicular engagements in Halo 3, going bumper to bumper against a Chopper is not to be taken lightly. The heavy guns on this vehicle will rip through all light-armored vehicles with ease. On higher difficulties, the Chopper's cannon will kill Marine passengers very quickly. Therefore, your best bet in nearly any light vehicle is to stay behind or beside it since the Warthog and Qavardu Workshop Prowler turrets can turn 360 degrees and all angles.
  • If you are playing on a mission like Tsavo Highway,where there are multiple choppers, you get in one and if you boost at the right time while one is boosting at you, you can "splatter" it and not be harmed.
  • Choppers are the strongest vehicle for ramming other light vehicles, including Warthogs and Ghosts. If you manage to get a direct head-on hit on any light vehicle, it will be destroyed instantly.
  • You can splatter the Shade turret on Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST unscathed.


  • Since it has a decent agility, it should be fairly easy to get splatters with when playing online. It is also near impossible to flip a Chopper, so you should rarely be flipped upside down, even while taking hard corners.
  • As intimidating as the Chopper's massive bulk is, it is actually a fairly narrow vehicle. This allows the Chopper to navigate small spaces, and even venture inside of buildings in multiplayer mode. The Chopper also is far more durable than the other light/medium Covenant ground vehicles. A plasma grenade to a fairly undamaged Chopper will typically not result in the destruction of the vehicle; however, the lack of armor for the driver's seat counters this, making it important to keep the massive grinding wheels between you and the enemy.
  • Following behind the Chopper and shooting out the driver is an effective strategy, since they are less maneuverable than other vehicles and will take a much longer time to turn around and return fire.
  • The Chopper's autocannon attack is stronger than the attack of the Ghost's plasma cannon, but its firing rate is slower than the Ghost. This can be offset by double firing, which is performed by pulling the trigger multiple times, as if it were a semi-automatic weapon.
  • The only major drawback is an exposed seat in the back, which only allows protection in the front, as well as taking some time to perform a complete turn around.

Halo Wars[edit]

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In-game information[edit]

Halo Wars[edit]

The Chopper makes an appearance in Halo Wars as a unique unit for Avitus, replacing the Ghost. It can be built at the Factory for 100 resources, a tech level of 0, and 2 population. It also has three upgrades:

  • "Auto Cannons" - Equips all Choppers with a pair of autocannons. 200 resources and a tech level of 1.
  • "Stabilizers" - Increases the autocannons' damage and accuracy. 400 resources and a tech level of 2.
  • "Ramming Targe" - Greatly increases ramming damage and vehicle armor. 700 resources and a tech level of 3.