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These are quotes from Avu Med 'Telcam, the Sangheili who led the Servants of the Abiding Truth.

Halo: Glasslands[edit]

  • "There's a fine line between reckless and bold. Acting alone may be noble, but acting together with an agreed plan is effective." - When talking to Jul ‘Mdama about Jul's opportunity to kill Thel 'Vadam.
  • "I am Avu Med 'Telcam, Servant of the Abiding Truth, and I have many brothers." - Announcing his presence.
  • "We have our devotion. We will find a way." - Speaking about the intent to kill Thel 'Vadam.
  • "We have let the false prophets corrupt our pure connection to the divine. Now we shall do our penance and bring the Sangheili back to the true path." - On the subject of the San'Shyuum manipulating the Sangheili.
  • "Everyone forgot us generations ago. But we didn't forget the gods." - Speaking about his faith.
  • "Brothers, what we do now is neither illegal nor unpatriotic. Sangheili common law has always permitted warriors to challenge a decision by a kaidon when they feel the decision is flawed or harmful. Normally that challenge would be made covertly, but these are global issues, and the consequences of failure will affect more than our own keeps. This struggle is for the very future of Sanghelios. We must be discreet if we are to succeed, in case our many enemies seize a chance to further divide us." - Preaching about the Servant's plot to assassinate the Arbiter.
  • "So the Halos are machines of destruction. So you say the gods themselves were killed by them. Your god chose to die for you and that is precisely why you revere him, yes? And why you say he also lives. This so-called proof about the Halos means nothing. Not even to you." - Defending his beliefs.
  • "A god who creates tools is still a god. It is not for us to impose qualifications upon the divine or presume to guess its intentions." - Explaining how the Forerunners can still be gods, even after creating the Halo Array.

Halo: The Thursday War[edit]

  • "Cowards, utter cowards. Why do they plant bombs? This is a filthy, sly habit they have learned from you humans. Terrorism." - After the Jiralhanae bombed the Sanctuary of Abiding Truth.
  • "No! This is not war! There is a line between catching the enemy off guard and being too cowardly to show yourself. I will not cross it. We fight for faith, we fight to restore what we were, to come close to knowing the gods' intent for us again - not to make them shun us in disgust." - When Evan Phillips asks Avu to consider using terrorist tactics.
  • "Brothers, this is the work of the Brutes. An irrelevance. An annoyance. Are we all fit to fight? Are we set on our path? Does anyone wish to step back from the war to come? Are we ready to launch our assault? Then that is close enough. Ignore the Brutes. Kill any that get in the way, but focus on the main objective. The assault on Vadam must begin now." - Avu Med 'Telcam preparing the Servants of Abiding Truth to invade Vadam.
  • "By nightfall, our brothers in cities across Sanghelios will be taking arms against kaidons who support the Arbiter, and I shall lead the direct assault on Vadam. We have ships and we have sufficient arms. We may not prevail immediately, but we shall take control within the month." - 'Telcam's plan to defeat Thel 'Vadam.
  • "The first that many Sangheili saw of humans were men in armor, on first glance they thought you were arthropods with exoskeletons. Instead they found there were small, soft, vulnerable, pink creatures inside. Or brown ones. I hope you can understand that analogy, even if it's not flattering." - Explaining the insult of 'nishum' to Evan Phillips.
  • "I believe the gods particularly want you to live. All the more reason for keeping you at my side." - Reason for detaining Phillips.
  • "What do you think? We have to bring the revolt forward, to strike before the Brutes force us to fight on another front." - Deciding when to invade Vadam.
  • "But we moved nonetheless, and the battle isn't lost yet. Come about. Bring the ship around." - Discussing if it was wise to invade Vadam at this time.
  • "I say we go now. There's no point in waiting for the rest. We need to assess the situation in Vadam. It'll be enough. If we delay, the Arbiter's allies will reach Vadam. This buys us time. They disappoint me, but you're right, momentum will work in our favor." - Deciding to continue with the invasion.
  • "Do you hear that? Do you hear it? Do you know what that is? Listen to your communications. Open the channel. The gods have come to our aid." - After the Abiding Truth gains supporters when Thel 'Vadam allows humans to fight for him.
  • " Thel 'Vadam, you can hear me, I know you can. Surrender. Surrender now, and we'll spare the rest of Vadam. Come out now and show your cowardly face to the faithful, you blasphemer." - After 'Telcam's forces surround Vadam Keep.
  • "I am waiting, blasphemer, show yourself. Face me." - At Thel 'Vadam.
  • "Take Vadam, take the keep. And then we shall wipe this state from the map, every last stone." - Telcam ordering his troops to destroy Vadam.
  • "I will not run from a battle, Sergeant. Go home and lick your wounds." - To Mal.
  • "I'll kill you, demon." - At Naomi-010.
  • " I will decide! I'll choose whether I fight or not! I am not your servant!" - In response to being asked to retreat.
  • "Why do you insult me this way? How dare you abduct me. How dare your worthless admirals make war on me like this." - In response to being abducted by Kilo-Five.
  • "Why did you not warn me exactly what Infinity could do?" - To Osman about the UNSC Infinity
  • "But am I willing to carry on trusting you?" - To Serin Osman.
  • "I believe I may need a ship now, or the ability to seize one from the Arbiter. And Philliss has amassed a great deal of scripture. Take me to Laqil, and leave me there. Don't wait, just in case Jul 'Mdama has shown up. He might well know of this assembly point by now." - Bargaining with Osman about his retreat.
  • "Very well, but this is the last time you force a course of action on me." - After accepting a deal from Osman regarding his retreat.

Halo: Mortal Dictata[edit]

  • "Every vessel counts. We can't yet replace what we lose, so the war against the arbiter and the other blasphemers may be won or lost on a single hull. We need to recover Pious Inquisitor from the Kig-Yar. The simplest way to find her is to pay another Kig-Yar to betray his own kind. They have no honor — fortunately." - Adressing rebellion commanders at his headquarters on New Llanelli

Halo: Tales from Slipspace[edit]

Knight Takes Bishop[edit]