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This article is about the UNSC colonel during the Insurrection. For her son, the UNSC Infinity's commanding officer, see Thomas Lasky.
Audrey Lasky
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Colonel Audrey Lasky[2] is a senior officer of the United Nations Space Command armed forces serving during the Insurrection. She is the mother of Thomas Lasky, the executive officer, later captain of UNSC Infinity and his deceased older brother Cadmon Lasky.[3]

At some point during the Insurrection, then-First Lieutenant Lasky commanded a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers—one of which was K. L. Mehaffey. Known for her encyclopedic intellect, Lasky ascended the ranks alongside Mehaffey.[1] She maintained a strictly businesslike demeanor and was rarely around during the war; she remained distant to Thomas as a result. Even in her video messages to her son, she addressed him in a largely formal tone. She placed a great deal of importance on Thomas' education at Corbulo Academy of Military Science and the military career she had planned for him, even deciding that he should not leave the school to attend the funeral services of his brother after Cadmon was killed, as there were no remains to bury.[4]

Production notes[edit]

  • She is portrayed by Canadian actress Jill Teed.[5]
  • Strangely, Lasky's uniform bears the Corbulo Academy insignia. While this is most likely an oversight, it is possible that she was somehow affiliated with the school although she was not present in the academy itself.

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