Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Outpost/14

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>> A rapid translocation event of this size that had to have put a massive strain on the Ring's structure. We've always assumed the Rings could move in some capacity, but this is beyond what we had prepared for.

  • Spartan: Security in this part of the Ring has increased by several orders of magnitude. Prolonged focus on that channel structure... Hold.

[Sound: A burst of gunfire, and shell falls on the ground]

  • Spartan: It's the structure the marines have been calling the Spine. The Ring's working overtime to patch it together. Has been since the explosion all those months ago... damn it. Hold.

[Sound: A burst of gunfire, and a Jiralhanae groans in the distance]

  • Spartan: The Banished want this Ring... and they want it intact and fully operational. We have no choice but to... Oh, come on. Hold.

[Sound: A burst of gunfire]