Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Infinity/01

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// 98604-72690-TL
// INF-101
// DATALOG 121259_3840
// --'that's a question for her'--

  • Thomas Lasky: I need an ETA on the weapon!
  • Bridge Officer: Thirty-seven minutes, fifty-two seconds, Captain Lasky!
  • Lasky: I don't suppose you could speed that up?
  • Bridge Officer: I imagine that's a question for her, sir.
  • Lasky: Fair enough. Is the escort fleet in position?
  • Bridge Officer: Aye sir, we've got six Mulsanne frigates in the advance group ready to move.
  • Lasky: Acknowledged. Have them set course at full speed. Hopefully we won't be far behind. (Sigh) I don't like this waiting. We're sitting ducks out here.