Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Reverie/03

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DEC 26, 2559 // Horvath attempts to send a transmission and encounters Brutes, seeking to reinforce a key choke point.

  • Spartan Tomas Horvath: To any UNSC forces in range: this is Spartan Horvath. Fireteam Intrepid of the UNSC Infinity. I've been separated from my team for... five days. Working around the Banished presence on the Ring. If anyone can hear me?
  • Suit AI: Unknown contacts on approach.

[Sound: A Phantom's impulse drive whirring.]

  • Horvath: A Phantom.

[Sound: The Phantom lands. Its hatches open. Heavy footsteps.]

  • First Jiralhanae: Ah... A natural choke point. This is where we build. Order the drop.

[Sound: Heavy footsteps.]

  • Second Jiralhanae: What use is a choke point? The humans are scattered and broken. This battle is already won.
  • First Jiralhanae: Do you doubt Escharum's judgment? Keep up that talk and- (Sniffs, growls, and sniffs) We're not alone.
  • Horvath: Time to go.