Armor permutations (Halo 3)/Back

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In-game Appearance Name Unlock Requirements Description
Default Default No backpack
HTMCC H3 Tactical Backpack Icon.png
Tactical Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 23 Season point 1 All-purpose hardened storage.
HTMCC H3 Demolitions Backpack Icon.png
Demolitions Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 50 Season point 1 A one-stop shop for your front-line combat engineer.
HTMCC H3 Communications Backpack Icon.png
Communications Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 54 Season point 1 Battle network relay. Provides the user with a multi-channel secure network uplink. The case meets or exceeds all UNSC mil-spec standards for temperature, impact, moisture, vibration, and foreign particulate resistance.
HTMCC H3 Ammo Backpack Icon.png
Ammo Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 97 Season point 1 Keep the party going with additional ammunition reserves and a back-up knife. In field situations packs such as these extend the duration of combat excursions and reduce the need for supply drops, but in training environments they have no effect.
HTMCC H3 Pulaski Backpack Icon.png
Pulaski Season 6: Raven, Tier 86 Season point 1 Spartans serve as a fire break for many existential threats.
HTMCC H3 SwordAndBoard Backpack Icon.png
Sword and Board Season 6 Challenge: Best at Both Survive the onslaught.
H3 Katana.png
Katana Unlocked by default Fortune favors the honorable and dedicated.