Armor customization (Halo 3)/Back

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In-game Appearance Name Unlock Requirements Description
Default Default No back accessory attached.
HTMCC H3 Tactical Backpack Icon.png
Tactical Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 23 (Season point 1) All-purpose hardened storage.
HTMCC H3 Demolitions Backpack Icon.png
Demolitions Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 50 (Season point 1) A one-stop shop for your front-line combat engineer.
HTMCC H3 Communications Backpack Icon.png
Communications Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 54 (Season point 1) Battle network relay.
HTMCC H3 Ammo Backpack Icon.png
Ammo Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 97 (Season point 1) Keep the party going.
HTMCC H3 Pulaski Backpack Icon.png
Pulaski Season 6: Raven, Tier 86 (Season point 1) Spartans serve as a fire break for many existential threats.
HTMCC H3 SwordAndBoard Backpack Icon.png
Sword and Board Season 6 Challenge: Best at Both Survive the onslaught.
H3 Katana.png
Katana Unlocked by default Like cheddar.