Armor customization (Halo 3)/Back

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In-game Appearance Name Unlock Requirements Description
Default Default No back accessory attached.
HTMCC H3 Tactical Backpack Icon.png
Tactical Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 23 (Season point 1) All-purpose hardened storage.
HTMCC H3 Demolitions Backpack Icon.png
Demolitions Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 50 (Season point 1) A one-stop shop for your front-line combat engineer.
HTMCC H3 Communications Backpack Icon.png
Communications Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 54 (Season point 1) Battle network relay.
HTMCC H3 Ammo Backpack Icon.png
Ammo Pack Season 6: Raven, Tier 97 (Season point 1) Keep the party going.
HTMCC H3 Pulaski Backpack Icon.png
Pulaski Season 6: Raven, Tier 86 (Season point 1) Spartans serve as a fire break for many existential threats.
HTMCC H3 SwordAndBoard Backpack Icon.png
Sword and Board Season 6 Challenge: Best at Both Survive the onslaught.
H3 Katana.png
Katana Unlocked by default Like cheddar.
Evalach's Lament Season 8, Tier ?? Ambition is your shield.
Ironburst Season 8, Tier ?? This mace has shattered the bones of countless heroes and villains.
Last Word Season 8, Tier ?? Settling arguments, one swing at a time.
Law's End Season 8, Tier ?? Deeds will always trump words.
Lionheart Shield Season 8, Tier ?? The guardians of Lacadaemon either return carrying their shields or reposed upon them.
Oaklimb Season 8, Tier ?? One cannot throw a cruel barb without expecting some in return.
Ravendak Season 8, Tier ?? Inspiration can be found in the strangest places.
Reavers Tooth Season 8, Tier ?? A tool of war and peace.
Seafoam Trident Season 8, Tier ?? The arms of the sea lords are now prized heirlooms.
Sorrowmourn Season 8, Tier ?? It's blade is a thorn of malice.
Taygetus Dory Season 8, Tier ?? A symbol of martial prowess.
Thessalian Bow Season 8, Tier ?? A bow fit for the greatest of archers.