Armor customization (Halo: Reach)/Effects

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Armor Effects
Effect Unlock (Halo: Reach) Unlock (Halo: The Master Chief Collection)
HR Default Armor Effect.png
Unlocked by default
HR Legendary Armor Effect.pngHR Legendary Effect Icon.png
0 cR - Included with the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach. Series 1 Tier 83, Spartan Point 1
HR Eternal Armor Effect.pngHR Eternal Effect Icon.png
0 cR- Formerly only available to Bungie employees, required e-mail verification through Available until 7/7/11. Series 1 Tier 100, Spartan Point 1
HR BirthdayParty Effect Icon.png
Birthday Party
200,000 cR Series 1 Tier 25, Spartan Point 1
HR HeartAttack Effect Icon.png
Heart Attack
300,000 cR Series 1 Tier 65, Spartan Point 1
HR Pestilence Armor Effect.pngHR Pestilence Effect Icon.png
1,000,000 cR Series 1 Tier 52, Spartan Point 1
HR Inclement Weather Armor Effect.pngHR InclementWeather Effect Icon.png
Inclement Weather
2,000,000 cR Series 1 Tier 79, Spartan Point 1