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The email exchange.

In response to an interview in which Eric Nylund made a comment that the character Dr. Catherine Halsey had a "200 IQ", Dragonclaws emailed him requesting clarification on whether or not he was being literal. He responded that IQ tests are imprecise, but that Dr. Halsey is one of the smartest humans in the twenty-sixth-century and possibly one of the smartest women ever.


from Nogard <[EMAIL]>
to eric@ericnylund.net
date Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 10:12 PM
subject Question Regarding "Halo" - Dr. Halsey
mailed-by gmail.com

Dear Eric Nylund,

My name is Ryan and I am a member of the Halo fansite Halopedia (http://halo.wikia.com). Archived items on the site indicate that you have answered some questions for Halopedia members before and I was wondering if I could get clarification regarding something you said in an interview.

In the Expanded Books interview for Ghosts of Onyx (http://www.expandedbooks.com/video/view/117), you say "My absolute favorite has to be Dr. Halsey, 'cause this is a woman with a 200 IQ and she's a real challenge to write in that POV." Is that an exact figure, or were you just making a vague statement meaning that she's extremely smart?

Thank you for your time.


from Eric Nylund <eric@ericnylund.net>
to Nogard <[EMAIL]>
date Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 7:49 PM
subject RE: Question Regarding "Halo" - Dr. Halsey

Hi Ryan,

Dr. Halsey has a very high IQ. Certainly greater than 150...but really after that IQ tests are notorious inaccurate.

Let’s just say she’d one of the smartest human in the 26th century...maybe one of the smartest women ever.

Hope that helps a bit.

All best wished,

Eric Nylund