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What are Ranks and Why are they Necessary?

Ranks are roles assigned to users based on the needs of the wiki and the history of the user. They grant the user extra tools and permissions, which are intended to allow the user to more efficiently and effectively contribute to Halo Nation. Users who currently hold a rank on Halo Nation are collectively known as the Halo Nation staff (not to be confused with FANDOM Staff, who are those that run the website Halo Nation is hosted by).

There are a multitude of ranks, each with a different focus. Due to the nature of some of the tools available, such as the ability to block, certain ranks inherently grant users authority over others. This authority should only be wielded in order to prevent damage to or to improve Halo Nation, in accordance to our policies. Use of these permissions for personal gains or in other ways that do not align with Halo Nation policy qualifies as abuse of power, and should be reported.

Because of the power of the some of the tools on Halo Nation (and hence the implicit risk in granting them to users), it is logistically impossible to make them available for all users without also empowering vandals with permissions that could badly damage Halo Nation. As a result of this, distributing such tools via a hierarchy of ranks is necessary, to force users to demonstrate themselves to be trustworthy and competent, before allowing them access to more dangerous permissions.

What do we Look for in Prospective Rank Holders?

As mentioned above, some of the tools afforded to rank holders could be misused to disastrous effect, if in the wrong hands. Hence, we look for the following qualities in all those we imbue with such permissions, to ensure that no harm comes to the wiki or its users as a result of it.

  • Dedication - Users should have shown their dedication to Halo Nation, whether in the wiki or itself or in the Discord. This could be in the form of a large amount of edits to the wiki, consistently visiting the Discord or any other undertaking which demonstrates their commitment to Halo Nation.
  • Responsibility - All rank holders need to be responsible enough to correctly and safely use their powers, as well as rationally thinking through each of their actions before taking them, to ensure that they are appropriate and helpful.
  • Maturity - Petty squabbles and hostile arguments are not things in which the Halo Nation staff should be involved, but rather things that they should be working to amicably resolve. While it is impossible to ask rank holders to refrain from being annoyed or upset, it is reasonable to ask them to not allow it to affect their judgment or failing that, not to act at all until in a better frame of mind.
  • Respectfulness - All users on Halo Nation should be treated with respect and dignity by our staff, regardless of their experience or any wrongdoings they might have committed.
  • Experience - Because of the nature of the tools granted to users along with ranks, users are required to be experienced in contributing to the wiki or its Discord, so that they know the platform well and are unlikely to make mistakes with the new tools granted to them.

During the voting stages of applications, users are encouraged to vote purely on whether they think the applicant fits the above descriptions, not upon their personal opinion of the user. Furthermore, voters are encouraged not to base their decision on the number of people who currently hold the rank, as this is not a valid factor in the debate. It is better to simply have more people with a rank than required, than to turn down a viable candidate based on the fact that we already have enough of a particular rank.

How Can I Attain a Rank?

In short: by not asking this question. Seeking power for power's sake will get you nowhere, and will likely also convince the community that you are not a viable candidate for any rank. On the other hand, dedicated users who have proven their worth by making meaningful contributions are not only more likely to be successful if they apply themselves, but they are also more likely to be nominated for roles by others. This is the way ranks should be obtained on Halo Nation; through demonstrating the qualities we look for and generally being a useful asset to the wiki, rather than by seeking power and doing what's necessary to gain it. Ranks are a tool for improving Halo Nation - improving Halo Nation is not simply necessary chore to gain a rank.

The only legitimate way to earn a rank on Halo Nation is through a successful application, as described later in this page. Pestering Halo Nation staff with messages requesting a rank will not only be unsuccessful in getting you that rank, but will probably also convince the staff to vote against any applications you might make later on. In addition, staff members do not have the authority to grant ranks to anyone, except following a successful application. The same is true for demotions - staff may only revoke a user's rank if the user has resigned or if an admin review has deemed them unfit for the rank.

Rank Hierarchy


The ranks on Halo Nation are arranged in a hierachy which is divided into three categories: wiki ranks, Discord ranks and the administration. Wiki ranks and Discord ranks are specifically for use on the wiki and the Discord server respectively, whereas the administration ranks are the only two ranks which span both.

To ensure that, before being promoted, users have at least some experience with the tools and power promoted by certain ranks, users can only apply for a rank if they already have the rank that precedes it in the hierarchy. This way, the step from rank to rank is less, meaning that users have more time to become accustomed to the tools and authority, rather than simply jumping from no permissions or responsibilities, to having a rank like Administrator. This requirement is only circumvented if the administration collectively decides that a user is capable enough to skip a rank.

In general, ranks which are higher in the hierarchy are more senior than those in the same branch which are lower in it. For example, Wiki Moderator is more senior than Wiki Patroller, and Administrator is more senior than both Wiki Moderator and Chat Moderator. The only exception to this is the Bureaucrat rank, which is equal in authority to Administrator. When in doubt about the best course of action to take in any particular situation, users should contact someone more senior for advice. More senior users will also step in if they believe a Halo Nation staff member is not acting in a prudent manner.

The following is a diagram of the rank structure on Halo Nation.

Administration Wiki Ranks Discord Ranks
Next Rank: N/A
Wiki Moderator
Next Rank: Admin
Chat Moderator
Next Rank: N/A
Next Rank: Bureaucrat
Wiki Patroller
Next Rank: Wiki Mod
Image Controller
Next Rank: Wiki Mod
Forum Monitor
Next Rank: Wiki Mod
Chat Monitor
Next Rank: Chat Mod

Wiki Ranks

Wiki ranks are ones which grant permissions for use on the wiki, in order to continue to improve Halo Nation and enforce our policies. The ranks have no authority on the Discord, although they will still receive a special highlight there. Each of the wiki ranks are mutually exclusive, meaning that a single user can only hold one wiki rank at any given time.

Wiki Patroller

The Wiki Patroller rank is intended to help the Halo Nation staff combat vandalism, and ensure that only factual edits that follow the Manual of Style are allowed to persist on the wiki. To do this, they are given the ability to rollback edits, delete pages and mark changes as patrolled.

Image Controller

Image Controllers are tasked with ensuring that all images uploaded to Halo Nation obey the Image Policy, and have the power to delete and rename images that are of poor quality or are improperly named. They are also trusted with the ability to upload multiple images at once, using the Special:MultipleUpload page.

Forum Monitor

The job of the Forum Monitor rank is to ensure that the Chat Policy is followed on the wiki's Forums. Forum Monitors a number of tools at their discretion, including the ability to move and close threads, as well as the ability to delete and edit messages left on the forum.

Wiki Moderator

Wiki Moderators are tasked with enforcing all Halo Nation policies across the wiki (but not the Discord). Their role encompasses all those of the three other wiki ranks, and so they have every tool available on the wiki to help them do so, however they cannot edit the main page, wiki theme or the MediaWiki pages, as Administrators can.

Discord Ranks

Discord ranks are granted to users of the Halo Nation Discord in order to enforce the Chat Policy there. Although they are given a title on their userpage on the wiki, they have no authority here.

Chat Monitor

Chat Monitors are users who are given a number of additional powers on the Halo Nation Discord server. In order to facilitate their role enforcing the Chat Policy, they have the ability to kick people from the Discord and to delete their comments.

Chat Moderator

Chat Moderators fulfil the same role as Chat Monitors, and also have the same purpose; enforcing the Chat Policy. However, Chat Moderators are trusted with additional tools and command more authority.


The administration can be likened to the governing body of Halo Nation. Although most major changes will first be put to a community vote, the administration is the only group of users with the power to initiate such a vote or to act upon its result - and in some cases, they might make such decisions independently of the community. In addition, the administration contains the only two ranks which have authority in both the wiki and the Discord.


Administrator is the rank which grants the most permissions. Because of the wide array of powerful tools at their disposal, the damage that a user could cause, either intentionally or accidentally, is very significant, and so the rank is reserved for only the most trusted Halo Nation users. In addition to the duties of a normal user, admins are responsible for maintaining the backbone of the wiki - CCS and JavaScript code, the main page, Halo Nation's policies and official pages, etcetera - which normal users cannot edit, in order to prevent vandalism.


The Bureaucrat rank only grants one new permission compared to Administrator, albeit a very important one: the ability to promote to and demote from the administrator rank. As such, it is viewed as the most powerful rank on the wiki, and can only be held by somebody who is simultaneously an Administrator, as a result.

Applying for Ranks

The process of applying for a rank is relatively simple, but differs from rank to rank. The general process is as follows:


The first stage of applying is the nomination. Nominations are made in the form of threads on the Rank Applications forum board. The thread should be laid out as explained below. An example thread is available if anybody is confused on how a nomination is set up.

The thread's title should be the following, albeit with the blanks replaced with the relevant information:

Nomination for [Rank Name Here]: [Nominee Name Here]

And the content of the first message should be:

I, [Nominator Name Here], hereby nominate [Nominee Name Here] for the role of [Rank Name Here] on Halo Nation, for the following reason(s):

[Concise Explanation of your Reasons for Nominating the User Here]

Nominee, do you accept the nomination?

Anybody can nominate a user for a rank, even the user him/herself (for all ranks but Administrator or Bureaucrat). However, the nominee must not have had a nomination (excluding those the nominee rejected) for any rank in the three months prior, and both the nominator and the nominee must also meet the following requirements:

Nominating for a Wiki Rank Nominating for a Chat Rank
  • Own a registered account
  • Have made 50 or more contributions, including 35 mainspace edits
  • Have been active (made at least one contribution every two weeks) for one month before the nomination
  • Own a registered account
  • Have made 25 or more contributions

In addition, each rank has its own set of requirements which are described on their respective pages. The nominee must meet the requirements for the rank that they have been nominated for, or the application will be denied before even reaching the voting stage.

Note that in some cases, such as with the Administrator and Bureaucrat ranks, you may not nominate yourself; instead, another must do so for you. However, you cannot coerce or otherwise convince the nominator into doing so - it must be an independent decision on their part. If you are found to have influenced their decision to nominate you, the application will be void and you will be barred from ever attaining the rank the application was for, as well as losing any ranks you currently possess.


Before voting can begin, the nominee must be alerted of the nomination, so that they can officially accept or reject the nomination. This is as simple as replying to the thread, saying either "I accept the nomination" or "I reject the nomination" (or something to that effect).

The nominee is also encouraged to answer the following questions in a reply to the thread, once they have accepted the nomination. For those applying for Administrator or Wiki Moderator, answering these questions is a mandatory part of the application process, whereas for all other ranks, it is merely a suggestion.

  • What do you believe are your most valued contributions to Halo Nation?
  • If you are promoted, what (if any) changes do you propose?
  • To the best of your understanding, what does the rank you are applying for entail?
  • How frequently do you visit Halo Nation or its Discord server?
  • Do you have any experience in other communities that you could draw upon to assist you in your role?
  • What is your familiarity with the Halo universe and franchise?
  • What is your familiarity with FANDOM and Halo Nation policies?

After the nominee responds, an administrator should be contacted to look over the thread. If any of the above criteria are not met by either the nominee or the nominator, the admin will post a comment to the thread explaining this, and then they will close the thread. If the nominee rejects the nomination, the thread will also be closed. However, if everything is in order and the nomination is accepted, the application will move to the final phase.


If the application reaches this phase, the administrator will post the following comment on the thread. In addition, if the application is for the rank of Bureaucrat, Administrator, Wiki Moderator or Chat Moderator, the thread will also be highlighted for all those who visit the wiki to see.

Applications for a Wiki Rank:

All the requirements have been met by both the nominee and the nominator, and the nominee has accepted the nomination. Therefore, this application will now move into the voting phase.

In this phase, eligible users are encouraged to discuss and vote on whether the user should receive the [Rank Name Here] rank on Halo Nation. To qualify to vote, you must have:

*Had a registered Halo Nation account since before this nomination was created
*Made 50 total contributions, including 35 mainspace edits
*Been active (made at least one contribution every two weeks) for a month prior to voting

Provided that you are eligible, you can cast your vote in one of three ways:

*{{Support}} - <nowiki>{{Support}}</nowiki>
*{{Neutral}} - <nowiki>{{Neutral}}</nowiki>
*{{Oppose}} - <nowiki>{{Oppose}}</nowiki>

'''Please discuss and vote on the application below!'''

''Note that your vote will be deleted by Halo Nation staff if you do not meet the above qualifications.''

Applications for a Chat Rank:

All the requirements have been met by both the nominee and the nominator, and the nominee has accepted the nomination. Therefore, this application will now move into the voting phase.

In this phase, eligible users are encouraged to discuss and vote on whether the user should receive the [Rank Name Here] rank on Halo Nation. To qualify to vote, you must have:

*Had a registered Halo Nation account since before this nomination was created
*Made 25 total contributions to Halo Nation

Provided that you are eligible, you can cast your vote in one of three ways:

*{{Support}} - <nowiki>{{Support}}</nowiki>
*{{Neutral}} - <nowiki>{{Neutral}}</nowiki>
*{{Oppose}} - <nowiki>{{Oppose}}</nowiki>

'''Please discuss and vote on the application below!'''

''Note that your vote will be deleted by Halo Nation staff if you do not meet the above qualifications.''

This will signal the start of the voting process, in which the Halo Nation community will decide the fate of the application. After a minimum of two weeks has passed, and the application has received at least 10 votes in total, the administration will close the thread and count up the votes. If at least 50% of the votes are in favour and no more than 25% are in opposition, then the application will have been successful, and the rank will be granted to the user.

Moderation of Votes

Administrators, Forum Monitors and Wiki Moderators will ensure that all voters on an application meet the minimum requirements to be eligible to vote. Any messages containing votes that are not from an eligible party will be deleted without warning. In addition, any premature discussion/votes (i.e. before the voting phase begins) or discussion not related to the application will also be deleted. If any member of Halo Nation staff misuses this ability in an attempt to sway the vote, it qualifies as abuse of power, which will be met with severe consequences.


Assuming the applicant is successfully promoted, two months after the promotion of the user, the Halo Nation administration will hold what is known as a review of the user, to ensure that they are using their newfound power effectively and responsibly. Reviews will generally consist of the administration inspecting the contributions the user has made to Halo Nation since they were promoted, and then discussing the merit of said contributions.

The purpose of the review is in order to ensure that the person is using their new tools properly, to catch any bad tendencies the user might have before they solidify themselves as habits and finally to root out any abuse of power early, before it gets out-of-hand. Usually reviews will take up to a week, but they can go on as long as is necessary for the administration to come to a decision. For the most part, nothing (except perhaps some feedback from the administration to the user) will come of them. However, if the administration discovers compelling evidence of power abuse, reviews can lead to the stripping of ranks or other disciplinary action.

Reviews can also occur at any time if the activity of a staff member is called into question, or if the administration suspects abuse of power for any reason. In such cases, the user is not informed that they are under investigation until a final decision is made.

Naturally, if the user under review is an administrator, they are not included in the review.


The demotion of Halo Nation staff members is a sad but necessary action, which can occur for a variety of reasons - not all of which are negative. If a staff member is demoted, one of the following reasons will be given in the archived lists.

  • Promoted - When users rise to a higher rank than they previously were, their previous rank will (usually) be removed, to prevent confusion.
  • Resigned - All staff members have the right to resign from their positions at any time, without having to provide warnings or reasoning, although they are encouraged to give both. They should submit their resignation to an administrator, who will then remove their rank and update the wiki's documentation accordingly. Staff members are permitted to resign while under investigation for malpractice.
  • Honorably Discharged - Any staff members who are demoted but not for negative reasons such as misconduct or lack of activity will have this reason provided in the archives.
  • Dishonorably Discharged - This will be the reason provided for the demotion a staff member who is found to have abused their power, partaken in another form of malpractice, performed illegal activities or encouraged others to do any of the aforementioned things.
  • Inactive - If a staff member does not contribute to the wiki or Discord for over six months without warning the administration of their intended absence beforehand, they will be demoted. After this, there will be a cooldown period of three months in which, if they return, they may reassume their position in the staff.
  • Rank Retired - This will be given as the reason for demotion in the rare case that an entire rank is removed from the wiki.

Members of Halo Nation staff may resign from one rank and move to a lower one (without needing to re-apply), if they feel they no longer have the ability to uphold the responsibilities their current rank entails, but still wish to contribute to Halo Nation. The only catch is that the rank they choose to change to must be one they have authority over. For example, a Chat Moderator could only switch to a Chat Monitor, and not to a Wiki Patroller, Image Controller or Forum Monitor - they would have to make a separate application for any of those. Staff members who are resigning while under investigation are not granted this liberty.

Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power is simply the use of any of the permissions or tools granted by a rank for a purpose that does conform to our policies, and/or is not in the best interests of Halo Nation. This includes (but is not limited to) blackmailing users, unjustly banning users, the deletion of useful pages or reverting edits that are factually correct and are in accordance with the Manual of Style.

If a member of Halo Nation staff is thought to have abused their powers, the issue is to be investigated by the Halo Nation administration, and if found guilty, the offender will be stripped of their rank and may face disciplinary action such as a block. In the case where it is a member of the administration whose actions have been called into question, that user will be excluded from the investigation. Of course, the assume good faith rule applies here, so if the administration decides that the offender was not acting with mal-intent, they will simply have their mistake corrected and be expected to learn from the experience - only if the offender continues afterward will disciplinary action be taken.

If you suspect that any member of the Halo Nation staff has been abusing their power, please report it to an uninvolved administrator, who will take the necessary action against the person in question.