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The 7-Wood.

The 7 wood is a melee weapon in Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo: Reach, and Halo 5: Guardians.[1]


It is a remodeled version of the gravity hammer with no change in attack power or speed. It is the same size, but has the shape of a standard, real-life, golf club.

In Halo 3, it has the icon of a Grunt on its head. Its reticule is circular and perforated like a golf ball. Bungie likely remodeled the Gravity Hammer design for the 7 wood for novelty purposes, as no other use for the 7 wood (or the other golf items, such as the Golf Ball and the Cup) has been found. The 7 wood was a new addition to the Forge scenery selection, with the arrival of the Mythic Map Pack. It only appears on Sandbox, a large open terrain map with three levels. Sandbox is considered a very Forge-intensive map. Due to the expansive forge abilities of Sandbox, this is likely the reason the 7 wood is only available on that map. The 7 wood is also found in Forge mode in Halo: Reach and also in Firefight.

In Halo 5: Guardians, the 7 wood was added as part of the Warzone Firefight update to Forge. It lacks the icon of the grunt on its head, instead replacing it with a UNSC icon; on the bar of the club is the word Misriah.


In Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 5: Guardians, the 7 wood is available in Forge.

For Halo 3 specifically, it is in the Mythic Map Sandbox. It can be found under the "Scenery" section, as opposed to the "Weapons" section. It can be used as a melee weapon in a similar way to the Gravity Hammer.

Bungie added two other golf objects to go with the 7 wood - a "cup" and a golf ball, most likely as a novelty object for Forgers and custom gamers to mess around with while playing Halo 3 with friends. Players who use the 7 wood for combat would use Gravity Hammer tactics, as they have the same effects, but as a novelty item, it was likely that players using the 7 wood will only be messing around in Forge.

The 7 woods have also appeared in matchmaking in the Grifball court Chichén Itzá, where teams starting in the lower court can grab a 7 wood right after spawning. Halo: Reach's Grifball variant, Hand Egg, also features the 7 wood as its primary weapon. They also appear in Halo: Reach in the Action Sack playlist, and in the HaloBall and HaloBall Xtreme gametypes.


The PGGA emblem.
  • Its name is yet another 7 reference, Bungie's favorite number.
  • Many gamers believed that using the 7 wood to hit the golf ball into the cup would unlock the location of the Sandbox Skull, but this was later denied by Bungie, who then confirmed that players would have to search for the skull, as with the other Halo 3 skulls.
  • The head of the 7 wood bears the seal of the PGGA, which pays homage to the modern-day PGA, or Professional Golf Association. Within the Halo Universe, PGGA likely stands for 'Professional Grunt Golf Association' or another derivative of similar appearance, due to the presence of an Unggoy head in the seal.
  • The 7 wood (and the other golf items) were likely added for the same reasons as the soccer ball Forge item in Halo 3, though the golf items seem to be more novelty-oriented, compared to the soccer ball which was presumably used as a physics testing item during the game's development.
  • When the player walks over the 7 wood, the message prompting them to pick it up does not show an icon of the weapon like any other weapon would. Rather, it displays the words "7 Wood" in its place. However, when the weapon is wielded, an image of the weapon appears in the player's heads-up display like it would with any other weapon. Why this image was not used in the prompt is unknown.
  • The reticule of the 7 wood appears to be a golf ball. However, in Halo: Reach, when playing on splitscreen, the reticle changes considerably. This is the only known instance of such a change.
  • In Firefight, while playing as an Elite, it is possible to give a 7 wood to Brutes, who will wield it exactly as if they were holding Gravity Hammers. However, the "Hold RB to take" message will not appear once they are holding one.[citation needed]