Project Archeon

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"What happens to me doesn't matter. Project Archeon is bigger than one man."
Bartalan Craddog takes stock of his disposability.[1]

Project Archeon was a United Nations Space Command initiative whose goal was the interrogation and study of the archeon-class ancilla, Intrepid Eye.[1] The Forerunner intelligence was recovered by the UNSC on the Outer Colony world of Gao in July of 2553 and subseqently taken to the recently-commissioned Argent Moon, an ONI research and development station hidden in the Crow's Eye Nebula.[1][2] There, Intrepid Eye was kept under heavy guard.[1]

On March 3, 2557 an accident aboard Argent Moon resulted in the release of asteroidea merozoite throughout its ventilation system, killing everyone aboard by March 17.[3] Then, on October 23, 2558, the station was destroyed at the hands of the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team.[4]

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