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M6G Personal Defense Weapon System
M6G PDWS.jpg
Official designation: M6G
Length (o/a): 26.70 cm (10.5 in.)
Length (barrel): 11.7 cm (4.6 in.)
Weight (empty): 2.7 kg (5.95 lbs)
Weight (loaded): 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs)
Cartridge: 12.7 mm x 40 SAP-HE (semi-armor-piercing high-explosive)
Max. effective range: 50 meters (152.5 ft)
Muzzle velocity: 427 m/s (1302.35 f/s)
Magazine capacity: 8 rounds
Rate of fire: semi-automatic only
Unit Replacement cost: cR. 1615


The M6 series are recoil-operated and magazine-fed. The ‘B’ and ‘D’ variants are issued with the smart-linked KFA-2 x2 scope. It fires 12.7mm x 40 semi-armor-piercing high-explosive ammunition (standard issue). M6 series handguns are issued in three different finishes: hard chrome, black polymer, and electroless nickel.


The M6 is designed primarily for ruggedness and reliability. Some believe that weight and magazine capacity should have been higher on that list. This weapon is issued mainly to officers and vehicle/weapon crews. It is not considered a primary weapon.


“The M6 is either the world’s biggest pistol or the world’s smallest rifle—I’m not sure which.”

“It’s strange. Normally a big bore means access to a greater variety of exotic munitions, but we just don’t see that variety in the field.” [1]

“The M6 has been around forever; the number of variants and configurations is dizzying… have you ever seen an M6J(C)the Army’s carbine variant?”

“The M6 has been in service for about a hundred and forty years… it’s amazing to think how little it has changed in all that time.”

“The longevity of the M6 has always been more about pork barrels and slipspace travel than reliability or the so-called brilliance of its design.”

“The ehs and bees are way more comfortable to shoot, but you don’t see many of them outside of civilian security forces anymore.”

[1] M225 SAPHE ammunition is standard issue for the M6 PDWS, but there are more “exotic” ammunition types available only by Mission Conditional Requisition (MCR).
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