Z-250 lightrifle/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

  • The Lightrifle is a hybrid of the Battle Rifle and DMR with the unscoped mode featuring the three-round burst of the former and the scoped mode featuring the powerful single-shot fire of the latter.
  • Its burst-fire function, while not as potent as that of the Battle Rifle, has a faster rate of fire to make up for its inferior stopping power.
  • When scoped in, the Lightrifle gains much more power than the DMR, thus outclassing it and the Battle Rifle in this case, especially with its higher 4× zoom magnification.
  • The maximum ammo for the weapon is 36/108 when unscoped or 12/36 if scoped.
  • It can drop Elites, Spartans, and Knights in a few well-placed shots, especially when scoped in.
  • Knights are very commonly seen using this weapon, meaning ammunition should not be rare for this weapon.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • Halo 5: Guardians altered the LightRifle to be even more similar to the M395B DMR: it now fires single rounds whether hipfired or scoped in, just like the Halo 4 rendition's scoped-in mode.
    • The weapon's ammunition capacity has been adjusted to match the new single-shot only firing mode from 36/108 to 12/36.
  • Smart scoped LightRifles fire wider beams, which allows for easier hits on moving or distant targets and reduces the required shots to kill from four to three, assuming the final round is a headshot.
    • Note that just like the Halo 4 rendition of the weapon, firing the weapon when scoped in results in a lower rate of fire, but much more so when compared to Halo 4, making the final round more difficult to land than expected.
  • In comparison to Halo 4, ammunition for the LightRifle is rarer, as Knights are now almost always seen with either Scattershots or Incineration Cannons and Soldiers tend to use the Suppressor as well.
  • Warzone features two additional variants:
    • Barbed Lance: an improved LightRifle with 16-round magazines and a faster rate of fire, making the weapon more useful for offensive engagements.
    • Dying Star: an advanced LightRifle whose rounds are laced with adhesive pulsewave explosives, with three nearby explosions proving fatal to even a shielded Spartan, although its magazine is smaller with only 8 rounds. This weapon is most useful as a defensive weapon.