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Hi Hawki, may I be the first to say welcome to halopedia. If you need any help please see my user page. If you need anything just ask. Hope to see you around halopedia more often. File:Master_Chief.jpg|50 Stryker COMM My StuffFile:Coffeebreak.jpg|50 23:47, 29 May 2007 (UTC)

Greetings from Blemo[edit]

Dear Hawki,

I, Blemo, welcome you to Halopedia! One of the most best and visited websites in the world, where you can meet new people, learn new tactics, and discover new adventures! If you want to find me, I am located here. If you want to chat with me, I can be found in various locations in my ponderous wanderings. However, I always check my talk page for new messages everyday. Have fun in editing in Halopedia, and we wish to see you soon! =D P.S. Are you in the UoH? If you are and you think you deserve your promotion, contact me, Spartytime, Phil.e, or Red Death. =D --File:GRAW Wallpaper.jpg|35 Blemo progress-wheel.gif TalkContributions Semper Fi Blemo Friend Userbox

... welcomes your arrival!

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UoH invite|BLEMO

Yo man[edit]

Sorry I took so long, But yes. I didn't...quite...understand everything you said, but, you can make it whatever you want. A oneshot would be prefferable, but you can make it open. DON'T, however, give us a story that is right in the middle of a story arc; one that will confuse us as to what is going on in the story. Basically, it needs to be these things:

  • More than 200 words
    Beginning of story arc OR self-contained story
    Stick relatively close to the Halo storyline (no Alien vs Predator vs The Chief)

That's pretty much it though. I'm sorry if this message comes too late, but keep in mind: the Stories can be handed in starting the 19th, so be ready.

Proper the BURNiNATOR!!!!! 01:15, 18 June 2007 (UTC)

Hello Again![edit]

Hey there, it's BishoujoTenshi from I wanted to say 'hi' and that I agree with you on H3's campaign storyline. It was way too short and somehow bare compaired with the other two. It seemed that Bungie was more focused on multiplayer than the more worthy campagin.

Drop me a line! Sephirose

That, I agree on. i liked the terminals, but it would've made more sense to have a level dedicated just to finding the terminals before Truth does. Or something along the lines of that. A mini anime would've been cool.

Just a Reminder[edit]

The First Annual Halopedia Fanfic Contest is now accepting entries. The final day to submit is July 31st. Happy Hunting!

Proper the BURNiNATOR!!!!! [Squeadlies vs. Meadlies!!!] 21:13, 24 June 2007 (UTC)

The Red Pill[edit]

The final day to enter is the 30th. The final day to submit your stories is the 31st of July. Also, here is mt E-Mail adress:

Shoop Da Whoop!!!File:Shoop.gif|70 [Imma Chargin mah Lazer!!!] [Imma Firin mah Lazer!!! ] 13:25, 28 June 2007 (UTC)


I have a vendetta against red links, and I'm sick of going through badly formatted userpages to remove the links... most people whose pages I touch are inactive anyway, so it doesn't bother them. I'll fix your page in a minute. =( --NOTASTAFF GPT(talk)(eating) 05:50, 23 December 2007 (UTC)


-EwCDnaudee 02:54, 3 February 2008 (UTC)

"Re: Greetings"[edit]

Well, my account was originally formed because I was sick of getting those nasty "You can't edit this! You're not logged in!" thingies. But yeah, I do plan to submit somthing eventually, once I can properly collect my thoughts and edit my "peices" to my liking, as of right now, I'm sorta floating the idea of a poem around, but I'm still busy tring to "eloquent up" the language used. By the way, does you name come from a proper mispelling of "Hawkeye"? As in the character from Last of the Mohiccans of from the character of the same in the the old show M.A.S.H.. Or does it come fom another source?

Heh! Well, I guess somtimes I overthink things too much... Well, since you told me you nomen's story, I'll tell you mine: KamakaziSparow was a nickname thougt up by my me during one of my weeken warrior style gaming sesions. Now, one of my favorite game franchises of all time is the Battlefield series, and on single player I loved to Jihad Jeep the enemy bots to high heaven. (In case you are unaware, Jihad Jeeping is the act of strapping C-4 to one's vehicle, and driving stright into enemies.) So, I figured, what better way to represent that than by the word "Kamakaze"? However, back then, I was still naieve, and into the idea of political correctness. So I purposefully misspelt it with an I instead. But, in my young eyes, it still needed somthing. So what better word to use than Sparrow, as it represented the antithesis of one who commits such violent acts. However, I was to lazy to check my spelling, and ended up with "Sparow" instead. So I ended up with the nickname of "KamakaziSparow", or: One who may appear inocent until BOOM! He explodes in your face. The name just sorta stuck.