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Human Character Infobox |name=Jeremy Saul |image=Playermodel of Lord Jezza.png |imageBG= |homeworld=Earth |birth=1995 |death=Still in active service |rank=Colonel |species=Human |gender=Male |height=5'10" |equipment=Xbox 360 Controller |hair=Brown |eyes=Brown |cyber= |era=Human-Covenant War |types= |notable=*Third Battle of Harvest

|affiliation=UNSC |hideb=true

Hi, my name's Jeremy and I love Halo! I'm 17 years old and go to the Hunter School of the Performing Arts in Australia. I play guitar, listen to heavy metal and pop punk music. My favourite band is Simple Plan, followed by Parkway Drive and then Relient K. I've finished all the Halo games on Heroic, (also finished Reach, Combat Evolved, ODST, Combat Evolved Anniversary on Legendary solo ;) and I own all the Halo games.