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If my draft is accepted, please ask me to perform the transfer. There's a lotta pages and templates involved here; if I do it, I can make sure that things don't get left behind and links don't get broken. DavidJCobb Emblem.svg DavidJCobb  20:31, September 3, 2009 (UTC)

For the Forge Objects page.

  • {{{name}}}

    Assembly Avalanche Blackout Citadel Cold Storage Construct Epitaph Foundry Ghost Town
    Cost ${{{AssemblyCost}}} ${{{AvalancheCost}}} ${{{BlackoutCost}}} ${{{CitadelCost}}} ${{{ColdStorageCost}}} ${{{ConstructCost}}} ${{{EpitaphCost}}} ${{{FoundryCost}}} ${{{GhostTownCost}}}
    Max {{{AssemblyMax}}} {{{AvalancheMax}}} {{{BlackoutMax}}} {{{CitadelMax}}} {{{ColdStorageMax}}} {{{ConstructMax}}} {{{EpitaphMax}}} {{{FoundryMax}}} {{{GhostTownMax}}}
    Guardian Heretic High Ground Isolation Last Resort Longshore Narrows Orbital The Pit
    Cost ${{{GuardianCost}}} ${{{HereticCost}}} ${{{HighGroundCost}}} ${{{IsolationCost}}} ${{{LastResortCost}}} ${{{LongshoreCost}}} ${{{NarrowsCost}}} ${{{OrbitalCost}}} ${{{ThePitCost}}}
    Max {{{GuardianMax}}} {{{HereticMax}}} {{{HighGroundMax}}} {{{IsolationMax}}} {{{LastResortMax}}} {{{LongshoreMax}}} {{{NarrowsMax}}} {{{OrbitalMax}}} {{{ThePitMax}}}
    Rat's Nest Sandbox Sandtrap Snowbound Standoff Valhalla
    Cost ${{{RatsNestCost}}} ${{{SandboxCost}}} ${{{SandtrapCost}}} ${{{SnowboundCost}}} ${{{StandoffCost}}} ${{{ValhallaCost}}}
    Max {{{RatsNestMax}}} {{{SandboxMax}}} {{{SandtrapMax}}} {{{SnowboundMax}}} {{{StandoffMax}}} {{{ValhallaMax}}}
{{UserWiki:DavidJCobb/Forge Objects/Object

The name variable should be the item's name as it shows up in-game: for example, "Column, Damaged Small" rather than "Damaged Small Column". If there is an article for the item, feel free to make the name variable link to the article.

The default value for the Cost and Max variables is ?. You can change the default values by specifying the DefaultCost and DefaultMax variables. When editing a Cost variable, do not prefix the value with "$" -- if a value is specified, it will automatically be prefixed with "$". If you don't know the cost or max, don't specify it, but leave the variable code in (|AssemblyCost=).

The default value of the protip variable is Grey Cost/Max cells indicate that the item is not available on a specific map.

If an item cannot be placed on a particular map, set the appropriate Max variable to 0. If DefaultMax has been set to 0, then simply don't specify the Max variable for the map.

As you may notice with the preview above, if you type anything too long for the cost or max, the box will overflow and stretch the page, so please do take care to just use numbers.

And finally, put the template inside of an HTML UL tag. You can group these things by putting multiple boxes in a single UL, but each box MUST be inside a UL. (I tried to make it use semantic markup by making the template an LI (List Item) since it'll be used in an Unordered List of Forge objects. On reflection, I don't see why I went to the trouble -- MediaWiki's HTML is anything but semantic...)