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August 4th

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I have moved thrice within the Netherlands, and have lived in Sydney Australia for close to a year while doing my internship


I have a Bachelor in Chemistry, with a major in Organic and Polymer Chemisty

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People will probably know me as the former bureaucrat over on Halo Nation. I have long since left that behind me, but I may well become much more active in the future when the opportunity arises.

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I bought my Xbox 360 bundled with Halo 3 after it had just come out, but I have been playing Halo ever since Halo 2 with my cousin.

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Halopedia copied every single article from Halo Nation but won't share

The content of Halo Nation was previously of Halopedia. With that said, what is in Halo Nation (other than the copied content from Halopedian) was previously Halopedia's. Thus, making your statement invalid. We can share as long as the proper attribution is given.

But what should be the consequences if I didn't stop enlarging Halo Nation with all the sources available

You can create the same article but don't copy the content. Write it using your own words. Engage the Halo Nation community by asking them to contribute and write the articles. By all means, use Halopedia to see what Halo Nation lacks, but don't copy the content. Copying =/= writing an article. Copying =/= contributing.

If your principle is "copy and don't give credit"... then I feel wronged for supporting your RfA... seriously, I'm repeating myself all over again...


Regardless, please cease copying contents from Halopedia and add attribution to each articles you copied. This also applies to other users who participated in this activity.

Now Halo Nation has to deal with random vandalism from people from this site

Example? If someone from this wiki vandalises Halo Nation, inform the Halopedia administration team. Inform Forerunner, he's an administrator in both Halopedia and Halo Nation. It's your fault for not reporting the activity to the proper authority.

As for the two comments, those are theirs and I do not share it. I liked/loved Halo Nation because of its potential... but hating it because of how it is right now. My view is simply this; the Halo Nation administration did not set out a proper structure to deal with the changes. Learn to manage a wiki properly by having a well-thought out infrastructure and policies. Since Wikia repeatedly insisted that Halopedia cannot affiliate itself/partner-up with Halo Nation, I don't think the Halopedia community can do much to help Halo Nation. In the end, blame Wikia for making such partnership/affiliation impossible.

Whatever the reason may be, it does not give you the access/permission to simply copy and paste to Halo Nation. You are required by CreativeCommons license to give attribution, a license which Wikia imposes in all wiki created in its server/database. I don't think I need to repeat that again.


It's the other way around: Halo Nation wouldn't exist without Halopedia. The history is accessible via Halopedia, Project:About and through the forums over in Halo Nation.

Those articles you've copied were written by the Halopedia community and should rightfully be attributed properly as laid out by the CreativeCommons license. Failure to do so breaks the CreativeCommons license between the two wikis, providing the original source the right to ask for the removal of the copied content.


It would be appreciated if you could provide Halopedia some credits when copying them to Halo Nation. Most if not all of those articles, are after all, written by the Halopedian community. This is required, as per CC-BY-SA license, as explained previously in the Halo Nation forum thread.


Two things. 1st: send this to an admin and he will ban them. Secondly: Why don't we just make a link on every page there that links to Halopedia? It's ridiculous how many hits that website gets every day!


Yeah. I was the first to get 100% commendations and I don't know banhammer is fighting you about the reference... it's a fact. I did not mod them, I played for them, and I was the first. I don't understand his problem.


Hey, Wilco! When asked you to fix this, I meant to change all thet capitals to lower-cased. Not the other way around. Sorry, I should have been more specific.


On Talk:Human, Jugus said that we should defer to canon with regard to the capitalization of "human". It is never capitalized in any canon source, so it should be written in lower case on Halopedia. He pointed out that "human" is not a proper noun, while the names of the other species are. He also stated that, since the creators of the series don't see fit to capitalize "human", neither should we.