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I've been a member of Halopedia since May 2008, I've worked on other wikis, such as the Homefront wiki, CoD wiki, and I have recently become an admin on the Falling Skies wiki.

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Red Dawn, Black Hawk Down, The Hangover, G.I. Joe (2009 film), Anchorman


Scrubs, Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy, Bones, House, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Family Guy, South Park, Justified


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We started that when it became evident that page numbers are absolutely useless to fans who use ebooks. So chapters at least narrow it down for them if page numbers fail them. Also there are cases were different publishers have different sized books which equal slightly different pages for stuff.

Aka Chapter numbers are concrete information, where as page numbers are not pending the version.


In your book sources can you please add the chapter numbers also thankies.


you ever go on IRC or anything anymore? I'd love to catch up with all my old friends from here.


Just as a reminder, we have a CSG event scheduled for 3 p.m. EST tomorrow.


Can you please compress the recent content you added to the character articles related to FuD? I'm sure the irrelevant ones can be weeded out and that the content can be much more concise.


one more thing, u want 2 play x-box live this friday? if so, ill add u 2 my new x-box.


my fav character, hope he does, at lest as a help character.


nvm about my last message. btw, do u think the arbiter will come back in halo 4?