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Hey there, if you still have access to this account I request that you see the thread here! It is in regards to your account activity being low since 2019.


Good day - Since you're one of the original founders, perhaps you would be a good resource.

I don't know how active you are but I'd like to partner up with one or two from the community. My purpose is to create some videos on the lore of Halo. Who would be the best persons to speak with about this?

thank you - Pete


Brodie-001 said I need to request to have my user name a part of Halo Alpha's "American English Users" category and "American Halopedians" category by speaking with an administrator from Halopedia specifically. Could you do me the honor?


I didn’t know.

Thanks for correcting me.


You realize Nicole 458 is a canonical SII right.