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Monitor Chakas
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Exeter, United Kingdom


September 11th


Student - studying Molecular/Cellular Biology

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Alien, The Dark Knight Trilogy, District 9, Elysium, Children Of Men, Lord Of The Rings, 2001, Moon.


Halo: Legends, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Hannibal, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24.


Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, Neil Davidge, Snarky Puppy, The New Regime, Angels & Airwaves, Muse, GoGo Penguin, Daft Punk, Jack White/The Raconteurs, Kiasmos.


Halo, Elder Scrolls, Tolkien.

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Halo, Elder Scrolls, Gears Of War, Far Cry, Max Payne, Watch Dogs, Mass Effect, Tom Clancy's


Comics, graphic novels.

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Halo 4.

Worst Halo moment

The Library.

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343 Guilty Spark.

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Hi there, I'm new to the wikis, but I love Halo, and more than anything its imagery, so I been recreating a couple covers, you know if I can colab them here?

The portfolio so you can know what I am talking about:


Yes. In fact, you're free to change your username twice per year. Just follow the instructions here and I or one of the other admins will see to it shortly.


If you want to change your username, make a request here and I or another bureaucrat will grant it. :)


Keep up the good work! :)


Fair Use has a limited application than what the public would think is considered fair. In this case, it is to avoid depriving the parties (i.e. publishers) from reaping the fruits of their (whether contractual or not) partnership with the primary party (in this case, Microsoft/343i).

"Publicly accessible" wouldn't mean having it hosted in this wiki as being "fair use". With that said, if there are preview pages in the publisher's website, leave it as it is and just add in the link in the product article's "External link" section (or create a section if it's not there).

There's a reason why the wiki does not upload the seven preview pages of Halo: Initiation from Dark Horse Comics' website. Because it is not fair use. ;)