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About the Prophet of Disdain I found him through pity's page and was curious why is he non canon when pity is consider so? Shouldn't both be consider the same regardless? Was going to ask this in the talk page but saw you deleted it few years back so figured I just ask here.


Could you add your MJONLIR/HRUNTING/cyclops graph to the MJONLIR page?

It's rather confusing how the whole lineaage works on the page, now.


I understand. Since there's hardly any information out other then their names and a vague picture, it might be best to wait anyway.


Hello there,

I have one simple question regarding halo 4. There has been a leakage of 2 new enemies in halo 4: I suspect you already know about that.

I just wondered if it was ok to make a wiki page about these? because there hasn't been any made and I feel that it would have, was the content deemed legitimate. I'm asking this question because I have several question marks at the legitimacy as well.

Thanks for your time,



I think 343i's explanation falls apart because it relies on a cover-up that would be impossible, not to mention completely counterproductive to implement.

For one, I don't buy the idea that a single groundside relay was responsible for all communications across the planet - all ships (and likely satellites) have basic maser and radio communications of their own; how else could they communicate in deep space? The only possible way they could keep the majority of the fleet in the dark would be to create artificial "equipment failures" on every UNSC ship. Even if the UNSC fleet brass could somehow orchestrate such a thing, and keep each of the ships in consistent geostationary orbits so that they can't see what's going on in the other side, what's keeping the Covenant from showing up on their side of the planet and ruining the whole plan? Something like that would probably happen every few minutes as the Covenant ships orbited the planet, unless all of them were also on fixed geostationary orbits. Which seems unlikely, since the Covenant wouldn't know nor care about the UNSC's contrived cover-up; they'd have no reason not to show up on the other side of the planet.

Even ignoring the fact the cover-up would be a practical impossibility, it's hard to see why would they keep half of the planet in the dark if they only wanted to keep Keyes and the Autumn out of the fight until RED FLAG could begin. The rest of the fleet wasn't going to partake in RED FLAG, so why deliberately hold them back? It's particularly strange because the UNSC had no way of knowing a larger Covenant fleet would show up. Shouldn't they be concentrating all their efforts to fight the Covenant who are already present and wrecking havoc on Reach?

It seems that Bungie's intent with Reach and 343i's explanation are at odds with one another - the Data Drops seriously downplay the extent of the invasion before August 30, whereas the game depicts a full-scale invasion going on by as early as August 14 (as evident by the hologram of force deployments aboard Ardent Prayer, a massive Covenant fleet arriving, and large-scale glassing going on). It's clear that with the Data Drops, they wanted to mesh the stories of The Fall of Reach and the game together, but the result comes across as more than a little contrived. To me, a better idea would've been to add some changes to the re-release of TFoR to accommodate the new canon from Reach.


I agree. The communications between the Navy and the Army during the battle seem to have been a mess. Stanforth, of all people, being unaware of major events like the Solace being destroyed is the biggest oddity to me.

I also find it difficult to believe that the majority of the UNSC fleet over Reach wasn't aware of the Covenant presence. Considering how the planet was orbited by thousands of satellites, in addition to the sensor equipment on each of the UNSC ships, I can't see how a significant majority of the fleet could be reasonably kept in the dark.

It seems more plausible to me that at least part of the fleet brass knew about the Solace (though how the information wouldn't reach Stanforth is a mystery), and perhaps they were planning on doing something about it, but SPECWAR simply jumped the gun and destroyed the Solace before the Navy could come up with a plan of their own.

But again, I find it nearly impossible that Stanforth didn't know about the Solace until Holland told him days later. Perhaps the line in the Data Drop could be interpreted in different ways? Stanforth would've been extremely busy with coordinating the fleet in other operations against the Covenant, so it's possible he knew the basics beforehand, like the fact that there was a Covenant supercarrier, but Holland provided him with the specifics, like the carrier's name and the precise way it was destroyed?

All in all, I'd agree that the poor coordination between the Army and the Navy, especially Stanforth not knowing as much as he should for one reason or the other, must've been the main reasons for the failure of the operation. The comms equipment failures across the planet had their part, but if coordination between the UNSC forces had gone smoothly, a lot of the problems could've been avoided.