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Favorite Halo moment

Won a game of big team battle after my entire team quit/were booted (AKA hide and seek). Not only did I win, but I won by ten kills, and my team left me behind by two. BOOYAH!

Worst Halo moment

Was part of a three-for-one no-scope. ADVICE: Don't line up with your team mates when you know the other team has a rocket launcher or sniper rifle.

Anything else

What is the meaning of life?

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Hehe yeah, any page I click on now I check the era and remove the ratings if I see it. Russian Roulete ftw.


Hey friend, one more little thing to add to the list. Could you please get me a profile screenshot of the UNSC Fusion Core from Halo 3? I would ask you to get one from Halo: Reach, but I know that for some odd reason that it is not working. So, when you can get around to it, that would be great.


Again, thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.


I don't know if you've checked the Talk:Type-51 Carbine and the Talk:Type-31 Rifle discussion pages recently, but I've been wanting someone to submit to Halopedia one or two screenshots (maybe more for diversity) of the Covenant Type-51 Carbine's scope, and also a screenshot or two of the Needle Rifle's scope (when you are able to), so if you could do that please let me know the minute they're uploaded to your profile or on Halopedia.


Thank you. Any help from you will be much appreciated. You get the screenshots, and I'll do the rest, or at least if someone else beats me to it. Either way, thank you.