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Forge World, variant Halo Highway


November 7th

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About me

I play MCC and Halo Wars 2 on PC. Sometimes I play on Xbox and mobile. (I was able to download Halo: Spartan Assault before it disappeared off the App Store).

Hobbies & interests

Fixing grammar and others on Halopedia.

Favorite Halo moment

Killing Sprees and multikills. And having strange things happen to me, so I can submit it to SingleHaloClips/Arrash TV.

Worst Halo moment

Dying a lot.

Anything else

Check out LanguageTool in the Chrome Web Store if you want to fix Halopedia!

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Please just let the staff deal with the welcome-based stuff if we choose to do it. Thanks. This user is in the Discord thus we are able to help a lil more directly. :)


Ethan please join us on the Halopedia Discord. Its far easier to talk to staff and the community there at this time!

We'd honestly be able to quickly respond to stuff you are asking on Talk pages there.


Look Ethan. I need ya to just stop using the LanguageTool till we make a decision if ya can use it... mass editing articles like that is one reason we put the rule in place.

Due to the mass grammar edits we also need time to look over all your edits to make sure they are correct as there is quite a few mistakes in the past we need/needed to fix up.

Seriously please join the server, us on the staff want to make sure ya can do stuff effectively and thats the easiest route on our end. :) Us on the wiki staff talking and not getting direct responses isnt helping either side here!

I really dont wanna swing the 2 week ban hammer over something totally avoidable. So please get back to us asap! :)


And now as per this new rule section, I must request you stop using the Language and Grammar tool and if you want to continue using it the way you are. You must request and get it passed!

Failure to comply may risk a ban!


Hey so just a heads up. Starting tomorrow 24 hours from this message we are counting the LanguageTool that you are using under the Bot policy we have.

Where you will need to request to be able to use it. Where its not garenteed it will be successful.

Its unfortunately caused a few issues we are still fixing up and thats one reason outta a few.