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The Painkiller
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Basic info

Sorry never telling


Alright I live in hmmmmville



About me

I low halo, doing assassinations on reach, shooting up promeathian knights on halo 4, taking out wraiths with my scarab gun in halo 2, and in ce I enjoy basically all of it. And my fav halo activity is going to matchmaking,

Hobbies & interests

Star wars!

Red vs. blue Eh. Eh. Well, now isn't that funny, it is halopedia and they are asking for my favorite video game! Hahahah lol, it is halo Eh. I loooovvvveeee ribs and macaroni salad. Probably........... Water because without it I would be dead
Favorite Halo moment

Assassinating an entire unsuspecting group of elites

Worst Halo moment

Coming to the second aa gun on the level tip of the spear, two wraiths, two hunters, a bunch of ultras, and hundreds of jackals and grunts. My death count was about 5 times.

Anything else

I have a Xbox 360 that has halo reach, halo 2, halo ce, and halo 4, hoping to gt halo 3 this Christmas!

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