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Just some quotes from IRC I thought were pretty funny, look for yourself, or don't it's up too you.

Cast: (the people that participated in this work: I go by either my username, the_Alpha, or Wash

  • Persuasive Egotis
  • Delta-269
  • Pryo Zarkum (Ghost Sangheili)
  • GuitarPlayer001
  • Spirit-of-Halo (ColonelAL)
  • Justineac (ChurchReborn)
  • RyantheGreat (Ryangreenday)
  • HzaneNjin (?)
  • kougermasters
  • Spartan6
  • S-118
  • Blemo|Away (Blemo..duh)
  • Lord_Grievous (Grievous797)
  • Glaug-Eldare
  • Equilibrant (Omar-065)
  • TheVerve (Jaws Redfield)
  • Skwisgaar
  • Forerunner
  • Nicmavr

My First Time talkin to PE on IRC and Pryo's Spelling Phail

PersuasiveEgotis [] has joined #halopedia

<Spartansniper450> hi PE

<PersuasiveEgotis> hi

<Spartansniper450> wats up

<PersuasiveEgotis> My roof

<Spartansniper450> xD

<Delta-269> u lies

<Delta-269> ur roof r down

<Spartansniper450> QUIET Delta!

<PersuasiveEgotis> well actually my brother, hes changing a light bulb, which he is failing...

<Delta-269> teh cloudz r up

<Delta-269> a-dur

<Spartansniper450> NO the sky is UP

<Spartansniper450> Clouds are down!

<Pryo_Zarkum> Prove it!

<Delta-269> look out ur windowz, teh cloudz r nawt downzorz, dey r upz

<Guitarplayer001> the rain is up

<Guitarplayer001> but it's falling down

<Guitarplayer001> on my head and yours too!

<Guitarplayer001> yay!

Guitarplayer001 dances

<Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269: dun treye meh, i r teh king o spelling phale

<Guitarplayer001> come to think of it... i'm also hoping noone of you are up either...

<Delta-269> Pryo_Zarkum, wluod you pefrer me to tlak lkie tihs, it's sltil ligeble

<Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269: no

<Spartansniper450> prooov iit

<PersuasiveEgotis> Speak at da na nermol lang-guage....

<Spartansniper450> r u mking fin f mi ngish

<Delta-269> it doesnt matter what the middle letters in a word are, if the first and lst are right, but the middle ones are messed up, you can still reead it

<Delta-269> it's scientificly proven

<Guitarplayer001> neh we wud nevar du eneethang lyke thet dahr

PersuasiveEgotis drools

<Spartansniper450> u wll speeek when spoooken tooooooooo

<Delta-269> pfft, taht's waht you tnihk

<Spartansniper450> shattta up

<PersuasiveEgotis> Teh messtup

<Delta-269> ^_^

<Delta-269> Spartansniper450, no u

<PersuasiveEgotis> you shattta up

<Spartansniper450> Delta: NO U

<Delta-269> no u

<Spartansniper450> no u

Me and Delta continue r arguement

<Spartansniper450> Delta i sitll say the sky is whats up

<Delta-269> u liez

<Delta-269> teh sky r down

<Spartansniper450> no u turnin this place into a houz of liez

"Advice" with Negative "consequences"

<ColonelAL> A Grunt said "Catch", threw a plasma 'nade, stuck my bro, then died.

<Wash> haha

<Justineac> awesome

<ColonelAL> Were on Legendary.

<Justineac> I told someone on xbl to move before I ran them over and I ran them over

      • ChristineV [n=clv309@wikia/Clv309] has quit []

<Wash> nice

<Wash> i told my friend to watch out than, smashed him w/ a Gravity Hammer

<ColonelAL> lol

Ryan Giving me advice

Wash [n=183d575b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

Ajax_013 [n=Ajax_013@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]

Neimi_The_Nomad [] has quit ["Have a Nice Day/Night Everyone! ^_^ XoXo <3"]

<Wash> wow what did i do?

<RyanTheGreat> not dry

<RyanTheGreat> that's what

<HzaneNjin> ...?

<Wash> i just came back on get off my back :(

  • Wash breaks down crying

<HzaneNjin> Ok.....

<Wash> and what are you doing

<RyanTheGreat> Wash you always have to dry!

<Wash> dry what!

<RyanTheGreat> When one washes, one must dry, duh

<Wash> o haha

<HzaneNjin> The one must Use

<HzaneNjin> *then

<Wash> so f**kin clever : P

<RyanTheGreat> thank you

It's the Apocolypse! Repent!

<kougermasters> What happened to Halopedia...

<kougermasters> It died. All the pics disappeared and everything...

<kougermasters> Does anyone else know what's going on?

<Justineac> oh. that glitch

<kougermasters> halopedia died

<kougermasters> and the irc thing is lagging

<kougermasters> oh dear

<Justineac> it died a long time ago actually :P

<kougermasters> oh

<Spartansniper450> its the signs of the Halopedian apocolypse Repent!

CT Left!!!

CommanderTony [n=commande@unaffiliated/commandertony] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]

<the_Alpha> ! CTs gone!

<Spartan6> My X-Fire can be very unreliable at times

<Spartan6> !  !?

<Spartan6> wait

<Pryo_Zarkum> zomfgz

<Spartan6> !?  !

<Spartan6> k

<Pryo_Zarkum> the CommanderTony r leev

<Pryo_Zarkum> duz this meen shenaniganz?

<Pryo_Zarkum> w8

<Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269 r heer

<Pryo_Zarkum> he wan to spoyl all our funz

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      • buffalosoldier92 was kicked from #halopedia by ChanServ [User is banned from this channel]

<Delta-269> Pryo_Zarkum, stfu nubcake

<the_Alpha> horaayz

<Pryo_Zarkum> ahahahaha

<Delta-269> bahahaha, AJ got pwnt

<Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269: sadfaaaeec

I'm out of range!

Sorry S-118, your name got cut out for some reason, but you know what you said!

  • S-118 orders his armada / army / air force of Kamikazi Grunts to kill Spartansniper450

<S-118> 100,000,000 Grunts many!?

  • Spartansniper450 goes into his super-secret super-secure underground shelter
  • Spartansniper450 survives

<Spartansniper450> 99,000,000 Grunts dies storming his defences

  • S-118 glasses planet, then obrital MACs it to hell, and then NOVAs it

<T328> He means his panic room

<Spartansniper450> no i dont have a panic room

<S-118> The room he hides in when everything goes to hell

  • Spartansniper450 is in his banshee out of range

<Spartansniper450> ha!

  • S-118 NOVAs the Banshee
  • Spartansniper450 is out of range

<Spartansniper450> cant get me!

<S-118> FYI: NOVAs destroy star systems...

<Spartansniper450> yes i kno what a NOVA is, im out of range

  • S-118 gets sick of that tactic and orders his 1000 ship fleet to Glass, Nuke, MAC and explode Spartansniper450

<S-118> Pardon me, but beat that

  • Spartansniper450 is still out of range

<Spartansniper450> what dont you get about that

<Spartansniper450> im out of range im no where near your people

<S-118> My fleet is coming towards your ship at full speed and those able sliped right next to you, obiterated you and destroyed your ashes

  • Spartansniper450 moves out of range!

<Spartansniper450> you cant catch me!

<Spartansniper450> its a taunt and the truth! who knew

  • S-118 gets sick of worthless fighting, sends his fighters at him with massive engines travleing at 99.9% of speed of light
  • Spartansniper450 is traveling at 99.99% the speed of light
  • S-118 's ships are going at 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (infinitive number) the speed of light

S-118> *%

  • Spartansniper450 's ships are traveling 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (infinitive number cubed) % the speed of light

<S-118> Ahhh, I have to go. You win, Spartansniper450

<Spartansniper450> sweet

New rule on #halopedia

<Blemo|Away> New IRC rule: Everyone Lord_Grievous makes 3 entries in a row and no one interferes, he killed the channel. xD If you notice, he's been doing that lately. XD

<Blemo|Away> *Everytime

<Lord_Grievous> XD

<Delta-269> XD


<Delta-269> k, now #halopedia has 4 rules

<Lord_Grievous> Thank you for the overwhelming support of my chat assassinating, Blemo!

  • Lord_Grievous applauds<Lord_Grievous> Thank you, minions!

<Lord_Grievous> Hello?

<Lord_Grievous> Hellooooo

<Lord_Grievous> Frak, I killed the channel again.

<Lord_Grievous> >_<

  • Lord_Grievous drops an anvil on a random person's head

<Delta-269> XD

<Delta-269> crap, I forget Rule 3 >_<

<Lord_Grievous> AND I KILLED BLEMO!!!

<Lord_Grievous> NNOOOOOOOO

<Delta-269> XD

<Lord_Grievous> Alas, poor Blemo. I knew him well...

Rules of #halopedia (from Delta-269's Quote page)

Note: Rule 4 recently added, see previous section.

Rule 1: Don't talk about Halo.

Rule 2: Srz opz r srz, listen to them.

Rule 3: Your life revolves around what the people in the channel think of you.

Rule 4: Every time Grievous makes 3 entries in a row and no one interferes, he killed the channel.

PZ haz got muh Snow!

<Spartansniper450> >.> i want snow!



<Spartansniper450> no!, gimmie ur snow nao!


Chaos! Utter Chaos!!

Sorry this is unfinished, some n00b came on, pretended to be me so I couldn't finish this

      • CommanderApples is now known as ONIcat
  • TheVerve raises her flamethrower

<ONIcat> meow

<Spir7_of_Halo> OK, no name changing please.

      • F0 is now known as Forerunner

<the_Alpha> i r done!

      • SuparSrsAdminoin is now known as Lord_Grievous

Lord_Grievous> NEVAR

<ONIcat> SoH: its not name changing

<ONIcat> its grouped

  • TheVerve sets fire to Lord_Grievous

<ONIcat> so i can do it when i want

<Spir7_of_Halo> Something that is close, or have used in the past only.

  • Lord_Grievous notices he's on fire

<ONIcat> i'm also checking out my grouped nicks

  • Lord_Grievous also notices he's a cyborg
  • Lord_Grievous keeps on going
  • the_Alpha destroys things out of rage!
  • Spir7_of_Halo smacz T328
      • ONIcat is now known as BonzaiWarrior

<BonzaiWarrior> there

<BonzaiWarrior> now i'm happy

  • TheVerve rips Lord_Grievous' circuts out

<BonzaiWarrior> "Me bonzai warrior, you tiny grasshopper..." Xd

<Equilibrant> I am confused!

<Forerunner> Я does the crillic R work?

<BonzaiWarrior> xD*

Unfortunately ends here

Delta lashes out at the Flood

  • Delta|Halo swears at the Rocket Whore Flood


<Spir7_of_Halo> Now Delta, its just a game.

<Spir7_of_Halo> Bungie doesnt want you mad now....

  • Delta|Halo violently murders Spir7_of_Halo and AltairAssassin


<Pryo_Zarkum> <Spirit-of-Halo> Don't you fucking do that again

<Pryo_Zarkum> Spirit-of-HALO has quit (Nick collision from services)

<AltairAssassin> XD

<AltairAssassin> Classic

<Pryo_Zarkum> <Ajax_013> AHAHA

<Delta-269> <High_Larity> FEET FIRST INTO SOCKS

<Delta-269> <High_Larity> THEN INTO SHOES

<Delta-269> XD

<AltairAssassin> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269: You know what they say about big feet... wink wink

<Delta-269>*JamesRVH bombs an orphanage accidentally and blames Imperator

<Delta-269> <JamesRVH> FFS WHY IMP.....WHY

<Pryo_Zarkum> BIG SOCKS

<AltairAssassin> XD


<Pryo_Zarkum> ROFLMAO

<Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269: that wins epicly

<Delta-269> XD

<AltairAssassin> Spartansniper450: According to your research, I win.

<Justineac> for some reason that pic of James with his hair sticking straight up keeps popping into mind

<Spartansniper450> xD

<Spartansniper450> hey Delta

<Delta-269> wut?

<Spartansniper450> teh cloudz r down

<Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269: If Imp shows up again I r ttly do that to him


Delta-269> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> zomfgz bad spleling

<Delta-269> Spartansniper450, zomfgz XD

<Spartansniper450> yea

<Delta-269> <High_Larity> BRRT BRRT BRRT

<Delta-269> <High_Larity> PEW PEW

<Delta-269> <High_Larity> GET THE CHEESE

<Delta-269> <High_Larity> PEW PEW PEW

<Delta-269> <High_Larity> BRRT

  • Dark_Neptune is seriously bored.

<Pryo_Zarkum> xD

<Pryo_Zarkum> BRRT

<Pryo_Zarkum> BRRT

<Pryo_Zarkum> BRRT

<Pryo_Zarkum> HEADSHIT!

<Spartansniper450> <Pryo_Zarkum> Delta-269: dun treye meh, i r teh king o spelling phale

<Delta-269> ^_^

<AltairAssassin> <Spartansniper450> its the signs of the Halopedian apocolypse Repent!

<Spartansniper450> xD

<AltairAssassin> The signs are still persisting since the beta of the new site.

<Spartansniper450> the place was literally falling apart

<AltairAssassin> Still is.

<Pryo_Zarkum> Falling apart?

<Pryo_Zarkum> It fell

<Delta-269> <Delta-269> Pryo_Zarkum, wluod you pefrer me to tlak lkie tihs, it's sltil ligeble <-- XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> and then god put it back together

<Pryo_Zarkum> so it would fall again

<Pryo_Zarkum> but harder

<Spartansniper450> yup

<Pryo_Zarkum> gods like THIS R GUNNA FALL ON YO ASS

<Spartansniper450> hey PZ!


<Pryo_Zarkum> and we iz lyk NOES

<Spartansniper450> i want it back

<AltairAssassin> Sounds like Ollie from Family Guy


Death to the Hardy Boys Wiki

Note: At some point I changed my nick to House, I forgot to add that here.

GE tries to convince us to join with Hardy Boys wiki, here are the results:

<Glaug-Eldare> can we combine halopedia and the hardy boys wiki

<Spartansniper450> we would get bored and kill each other

<Guitarplayer001> rawrrrr

<Spartansniper450> no!

<Spir7_of_Halo> No.

<D1134> bah!

<Spartan6> NO!!

<Glaug-Eldare> why not

D1134> hardy boys would be slaughtered

<House> invade Hardy boys!

<Pryo_Zarkum> zomfgz

<D1134> Chief vs. Frank and Joe

<Grievous|Aliens> The Halopedia Imperium shall conquer all!

<D1134> ?

<Grievous|Aliens> FOR THE EMPIRE

<Glaug-Eldare> i can't express how disappointed i am in you


<Spartansniper450> >.>

<Spartansniper450> .>.>

<Glaug-Eldare> >.>.>

<Spartansniper450> >.>.>.>

<Glaug-Eldare> <.>.<.>.<.>

<Lord_Grievous> >.>.>.>.>

<Spartansniper450> ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>>

<Glaug-Eldare> ^>v<^>v<^>v<^>v<

  • mode/#halopedia [+o MokonaModoki] by ChanServ
  • MokonaModoki has a angry face

<Glaug-Eldare> use an emoticon

<Glaug-Eldare> show us your angry face >:-(

Some People don't like Hannah Montana

<S984|Semi-away> takes out Hannah Montana Pop Tour Video Game and breaks it in half

<Ss450|Idiot> some people take this site waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to seriously

<S984|Semi-away> Disney r stooping to a new low

<Ss450|Idiot> decides to destroy all Hannah Montana products!

<S984|Semi-away> With that game there they are stepping into the world of plastic guitar gaming. And, this might sound a bit skeptical, but I think Disney wants to crush all in its way and COMPLETLY dominate the plastic guitar world.

<Ss450|Idiot> who's with me!

<S984|Semi-away> Nah.

<S984|Semi-away> Just assassinate Hannah Montana and bomb Camp Rock.

S984|Semi-away> That should put a grenade in Disney's pants.

<Ss450|Idiot> XD im with ya

<BananaCat> I agree

<S984|Semi-away> OK what you wanna do

<Cheifschick> Disney's been dead for years XD

<S984|Semi-away> CC: Well they want to get popular again by being reknowned as "the Mickey Mouse that managed to crush Guitar Hero"

<Cheifschick> ROFL

<BananaCat> Slipknot>Disturbed>Guns n Roses>Korn>>>>>crap>>>>>moar crap>>>>>Hannah Montana and Rap

<Cheifschick> lol

Why Wolf pwns Hicks

Delta, Skwisgaar and I argue on who pwns more

<Delta-269> pssh Hicks > annoynmus predator

<Spartansniper450> pssh? this Predator killed at least 7-8 Xenos by himself

<Spartansniper450> and his name is Wolf gaw

<Skwisgaar> Ahnuld>Predator

<Spartansniper450> Wolf > Hicks > Ahnuld

<Delta-269> dude, Hicks killed at least a dozen

<Spartansniper450> yea, but hicks had help

<Spartansniper450> Wolf was by himself

<Spartansniper450> not too mention he took on a Predalien

<Spartansniper450> Predalien > normal Xeno

<Skwisgaar> ya, but Ahnuld has an accent

<Spartansniper450> Wolf has a corrosive solvent that could dissolve Ahnuld's vocal chords

Vague Confusion

<Jon-134> what's your halopedian username?

<Sierra450> me?

<Halopediaman> Me?

<Sierra450> him?

  • Jon-134 slaps his head

<ONIrecon111> me?

<Sierra450> that guy?

<Halopediaman> You?

<ONIrecon111> you there, yes you with the face!

<Sierra450> you that guy with the name and the hair

  • Jon-134 kills his best friend's roomate's brother's sister's cat

Nickname Chaos and Identity Theft

Haloman333 joined #halopedia

<Haloman333> back

<Haloman333> haloman333=skwisgaar btw

<Haloman333> oops

<Forerunner> or suggested he goes around with an axe (don Jose, the first ganado seen in BioHazard 4)

<Spartansniper450> O_o

  • Haloman333 is now known as Guest77156
  • Guest77156 is now known as R5J8qq30eyu

<Azzt|Dead> november october / uniform

  • Forerunner is now known as Guest

<Guest> muhahaha

<12:01> Guest bollocks

  • Azzt|Dead uninvites Guest
  • Guest is now known as Guest77156

<R5J8qq30eyu> ahax_Away:Kick Skwisgaar

<Guest77156> (identity fraud)

<Azzt|Dead> R5J8qq30eyu: it's called ghost

  • R5J8qq30eyu is now known as Forerunner
  • Guest77156 is now known as Fore


<Forerunner> lol

  • Spartansniper450 is now known as Spar
  • Forerunner is now known as Skwisgaar

<Spar> lol

<Azzt|Dead> spars

  • Fore is now known as Forerunner
  • Spar is now known as Fore

<Skwisgaar> Sorry forerunner, that never gets old

  • Skwisgaar is now known as Spartansniper450

<Azzt|Dead> your mind

<Azzt|Dead> it lacks being made up

  • Fore is now known as Skwisgaar

<Spartansniper450> I suck at Halo!

<Skwisgaar> runs into a wall

  • Skwisgaar is now known as Guest20550

<Guest20550> no.. i suk more

<Spartansniper450> puts a grenade down his pants

<Spartansniper450> PWNED!

  • Spartansniper450 is now known as Haloman333

<Haloman333> lol

<Haloman333> You can't stay on my nick for more than 30 seconds

<Guest20550> points his rocket launcher at his feet and fires

<Guest20550> owned

  • Guest20550 is now known as Skwis

<Skwis> that was me

  • Skwis is now known as Spartansniper450


CF001 is bored

Jerome-092 gives CF001 one of those monkey's w/ the symbols things

<Jerome-092> :D

<Jerome-092> those only really work if you have ADD/ADHD

<Jerome-092> so how's it... HEY! a monkey with symbols!!!

<CF001> lol

<Jerome-092> yes, i admit it i have ADD

<Killjax> Radical.

<Jerome-092> hey! there is a squirrel outside my window! I think he's laughin at me! hey squirrel f**k you!

ADD part II- The Attention Deficit strikes back

  • Snipes450 is beginning to agree that the majority of American voters dont kno what they wnat

<Snipes450> want

<Prophet-of-HALO> *know as well

<Prophet-of-HALO> lol

<spamhammer> We Know what we want. It's just that we change our minds every five minutes

<spamhammer> We've all got ADD

<Snipes450> spamhammer: ya and only the ones diagnosed with it r willing to admit it

<Snipes450> i have ADD

  • SPARTAN-984 beats the spamhammer with another spamhamer

<spamhammer> *ow*

<Snipes450> thats the problem with Ameri- hey look a squirrel!!!

  • SPARTAN-984 doesn't have A---OH GOD A BIRDY!

<Snipes450> SPARTAN-984: u dun have ADD u has ADHD

<spamhammer> Hey stay on topic here....

<Snipes450> Hyper-activity


<Snipes450> :P


<VideoGameChick> i wanna nother moon

<thecairocat> no u can only haz 2

<VideoGameChick> i want 4

Spartansniper450 gives VGC one of saturn

<Spartansniper450> 's moons

<Dreadnought> i havent had my second one ?:D

<VideoGameChick> =D

<VideoGameChick> titan

<VideoGameChick> =]

<Spartansniper450> dun worry it has plenty

<thecairocat> Satturnz moons are not naice

<thecairocat> i want to haz demose and fobose

<Dreadnought> XD

<Spartansniper450> i choose Saturn cuz it haz so many Moons

<Spartansniper450> it won't miss one

<thecairocat> ur mom has so many moonz!

<Spartansniper450> :O

<thecairocat> OH!!! BURN!!!

<thecairocat> lol jk

<Spartansniper450> u haz no proof!

<thecairocat> datz wat u tink

Teh Shenaniganz

{Smoke} [] has quit []



<Blake-> PARTY

<Blake-> o|-<

<Blake-> o\-<

<Blake-> o|-<

<Blake-> o/-<

<Augustus_Gibbons> loololololololololololololololololol

<Augustus_Gibbons> Shenaniganz!!!!!

  • Blake- dances

<Augustus_Gibbons> :P

<Frunner> Laichzeit; überall Fischmilch; es ist Laichzeit

  • Augustus_Gibbons hits Blake- with a glass baseball bat
  • Blake- hits Augustus_Gibbons with a laptop

<Frunner> Spawning time; fishmilk everywhere; it is spawning time

  • Augustus_Gibbons hits Blake- with large television
  • Blake- hits Augustus_Gibbons with a futon
  • Augustus_Gibbons hits Blake- with an Aircraft Carrier
  • Blake- hits Augustus_Gibbons with a Trout

<Augustus_Gibbons> :O

<Augustus_Gibbons> you fish slapped meh!


  • Augustus_Gibbons hits Blake- with a Bass
  • Blake- hits Augustus_Gibbons with a Clown Fish
  • Augutus_Gibbons hits Blake- with a Shark
  • Blake- hits Augustus_Gibbons with a Rock FIsh
  • Augustus_Gibbons hits Blake- with a Blue Whale

<Augustus_Gibbons> yes i kno its a mammal but still

  • Blake- hits Augustus_Gibbons with a dolphin

<Augustus_Gibbons> aquatic animal fight now!!

<Blake-> even now

  • Augustus_Gibbons hits Blake- with a very large Starfish

Continues on but gets graphic

Marine Farmers?


<Spartansniper450> lol it said Marine "Crops"

<Spartansniper450> i didnt kno they were farmers

<Nicmavr> XD

Goin Nordic on your a**

  • CF001 is almost done with is homework and will finnish it after the dinner

<Spartansniper450> what does Finnish it mean? are you gonna have a guy from Finland do it

<CF001> finish

<Spartansniper450> :P

  • ashley can Finnish you all...bwahaha

<Spartansniper450> just kidding

<Nicmavr> rar ashley

  • Spartansniper450 will Sweedish you all?

<Spartansniper450> no bad

<ashley> now where's my knife...

  • ashley stabs Swedish language

<Nicmavr> Snipes, can I just say that all this was a good smartass fun? XD

<Nicmavr> ashley: O.o

<ashley> Swedish is eww, srsly

<Spartansniper450> :D

<Nicmavr> But yeah, Finnish and Swedish you all... Heh

<Nicmavr> ashley: Dun b nationalist/racist

<Spartansniper450> Nicmavr: we goin Nordic on this one

No fighting in the IRC

<Skwisgaar> my muffler!

<Ghost_sangheili> i ate it

<Snipes450> Oh thats nasty (in a Cleveland voice)

<Skwisgaar> What is "a cleveland voice" supposed to mean

<Ghost_sangheili> per Skwisgaar

<Snipes450> Cleveland from family guy

<Skwisgaar> You have something against cleveland, Ohio?

<Skwisgaar> Huh? HUH?

<Ghost_sangheili> Cleve

<Ghost_sangheili> Land

<Ghost_sangheili> what is cleve?

<Skwisgaar> what's a cleve?

  • Ghost_sangheili hits Copy-Cat
  • Copy-Cat slaps GS with a salmon!

<Ghost_sangheili> you copy cat

<Ghost_sangheili> copying simon

<Ghost_sangheili> HAO DARE YOU

<Skwisgaar> OH MAH CLEVE!

  • Ghost_sangheili hits Copy-Cat around a bit with a large trout


  • Copy-Cat slaps GS with an Ajax
  • Snipes450 hits Ghost_sangheili with a whale

<Ghost_sangheili> O.o

  • Ghost_sangheili Copy-Cats Snipes450 with a Skwisgaar
  • Snipes450 realizes its pointless cuz he was just hit with an Ajax

<Snipes450> :O

  • Nicmavr hits Snipes450 and Ghost_sangheili with an Ajax, all the same.

<Ghost_sangheili> nubcake

  • Snipes450 drops a bus on Nicmavr
  • Skwisgaar starts raping the bus

<Nicmavr> Ghost_sangheili: no u

  • Ajax_013 [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]

<Ghost_sangheili> Skwisgaar: O.o

<Ghost_sangheili> I'm quoting that

<Copy-Cat> :O

<Nicmavr> :O

  • Snipes450 hits Skwisgaar with a shark, the shark than eats him
  • Skwisgaar gasps in pleasure as he is eaten by a shark
  • Snipes450 than throws the shark in a tank of concentrated Hydrochloric acid and watches as it and Skwisgaar are dissolved quite painfully

CT isn't afk

<Stephen-> You're usually afk dude :P

<Snipes450> he's not afk he usually waits

<Snipes450> and listens

<Stephen-> lol

  • Gaijinsamurai is a professional lurker

The difference between bad and good

<Snipes450> He thinks the differences between a good smartass and a bad smartass dun matter

<Snipes450> that r the most important thing for us smartasses too remember, we walk a fine line between smartass, and jackass

<Snipes450> i like to think i walk that line everyday

<Nicmavr> A jackass is something different >.>

<Snipes450> a jackass = bad smartass

<Nicmavr> i noes rite

<Snipes450> someone who dont follow the rules and laws of smartass-ery

<Snipes450> they give us smartasses a bad name

<Nicmavr> lol

Why CT is scary

<Nicmavr> I'll point out that CT never marks himself as away when he is, so you can never be sure :P

<Snipes450> thats the scary thing about him

<Nicmavr> lol

<Snipes450> you never quite know when he is watching

Ghost_sangheili's Story

<Ghost_sangheili> I will be remembered for generations

<Ghost_sangheili> Inspire a book or two that challenges entire religions

<Snipes450> Ghost_sangheili: yup when ever i want to scare the f**k out of my kids ill just tell them of u :P

<General57> Scary stories

<Snipes450> General57: hence why i would tell them

<General57> Once upon a time, there was a scary pervert named Ghost _sangheili

<Snipes450> he trolled and trolled and no one could stop him

<General57> He told perverted, funny jokes to little kids

<General57> The kids' eyes burned out and they died

<Snipes450> and they writhed in hell for just speaking to him

<General57> THE END


<Gratyflotter> I'M ON A BOAT!

<Snipes450> liar!

<Snipes420> which boat are you on

<Snipes420> i like boats

<Gratyflotter> The uss stfu

<Snipes420> hahahahaha

<Snipes420> nice setup

  • Snipes420 is now known as Glaug-Eldare

<Snipes450> Gratyflotter: i love that boat it kicks a**

Food Fight

  • Stephen- gives Snipes450 a cheeseburger and brands

<Stephen-> "Ass kisser" into da meat :P

  • Snipes450 throws the cheeseburger at Stephen- and starts a food fight!

<Stephen-> =o

<Snipes450> Foooood Fiiiiggght!!!!!

  • Stephen- rolls around in it ;P

<Nicmavr> Nobody but Food King wins Food Fights!

  • Snipes450 throws Spaghetti and Meatballs at Nicmavr
  • Stephen- throws meat and taters at {Smoke} (lmao)

<Nicmavr> Meat and.... taters?! lulz

  • Nicmavr throws a steak at Snipes450
  • Snipes450 throws a salmon at Nicmavr!! (lol)

<Nicmavr> Salmonrjh? :P

  • {Smoke} is now known as Steak
  • Steak is now known as {Smoke}

<{Smoke}> lol it's registered XD

  • Snipes450 throws a Sub from Sub-Way at Nicmavr!!!

Ghost_sangheili's solution to confusion

<Ajax_013> i wasn't really attempting a comeback, i'm just confused

<Snipes450> me too

<Ghost_sangheili> Then go take the fifth grade.

I killed him!

  • oed706 slaps snipes

<Snipes450> for what?

  • Snipes450 throws a bus at oed706
      • oed706 [n=4a0f5546@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

<Snipes450> :O i killed him

S-118: xD

No vandals?

Snipes450> if there were no vandals, all we would be able to do is bother the admins with now meaningless problems ;)

<Snipes450> we would be like kids in a car:

<Snipes450> He's touching me!!

<Snipes450> no im not!

<Snipes450> blah blah, sry

  • Spamhammer going to turn the car around if Snipes doesn't quit it!

<Snipes450> took that one a little too far

  • Snipes450 stabs Spamhammer and takes the wheel

<Snipes450> u dun drive, only Admins drive

  • Snipes450 gives wheel to Nicmavr
  • Spamhammer shoots Snipes and gives the wheel to {smoke}

<Spamhammer> damn lag

<Snipes450> ow! i dun have it i gave it to Nicmavr

  • Snipes450 decapitates Spamhammer for shooting him

Possible Rule #5


<Michael_Kelso> Evelyn-: i think that should be Rule #5 of #halopedia

<Evelyn-> Michael_Kelso: I agree


  • Michael_Kelso activates his purple lightsaber, who was talkin bout aggresive negotiations?
  • Fixer40 grabs two energy swords
  • Gaijinsamurai draws his sidearm.

<Gaijinsamurai> Lightsabers > Firearms > Swords

<VideoGameChick> copy cats

<VideoGameChick> ftw agreed

  • Fixer40 grabs Nukes.
  • VideoGameChick grabs gamma rays

<VideoGameChick> i win!

<VideoGameChick> =P


<PARADOX> congrats

<Michael_Kelso> Nukes pwn all cept cockroaches

<VideoGameChick> ah ah ah

<VideoGameChick> correction

  • Michael_Kelso grabs a led shield and directs it at the gamma rays to absorb it

<VideoGameChick> gamma rays do

<Fixer40> Me grabs Pure Uranium and Iridium, and loads them into a Radioactive Bio-Nuke.

<VideoGameChick> led lol u phail

  • Michael_Kelso grabs a NOVA bomb and pwns u all

NO U Fight

<Snipes450> join cvn-wikia-halo

<Snipes450> dam

<[Smoke]> fail

<Nicmavr> lol

<Snipes450> stupid / key

<Nicmavr> ##nika-ho

<Nicmavr> ....

<Nicmavr> Stupid wireless keyboard

<Snipes450> lol

<Nicmavr> #cvn-wikia-halo

<Nicmavr> :)

<[Smoke]> lmao

<[Smoke]> epic fail

<Nicmavr> no u

<Snipes450> no u

<[Smoke]> NO U

  • Snipes450 spams NO U at [Smoke] and Nicmavr

<Snipes450> iw inz

<[Smoke]> XD

<Nicmavr> lolwtf


<Sub7ank> <Sub7ank>Not really new information. ;)

<Frunnersaurus> Jorge was pulled of S-II by ONI ;)

<Frunnersaurus> sort of like what happened to Kurt

<Stephen-> why are we winking ;]

<Sub7ank> Not really sure about Jorge though..

<Sub7ank> ;) is fun!

<Stephen-> ;] is kinkeh

<Frunnersaurus> Stephen-: we're not, it's a "raised eyebrow suggestively" look in Catzilla

<Frunnersaurus> O_O

<Frunnersaurus> Catzilla, eh?

  • Stephen- turned off smilies for his chatzilla.

<Stephen-> dey annoy meh

<Frunnersaurus> ah

  • Stephen- turns them back on real fast.

<Stephen-> ;)

<Snipes450> ;)

<Stephen-> grr its not showing

<Stephen-> ;)

Ghost_sangheili as a pokemon

  • Ghost_sangheili appears
  • Halo-343 does not
  • Commonwealth throws a Poke Ball!
  • Commonwealth has captured a Ghost_sangheili!

<Nicmavr> Commonwealth: Ghost_sangheili was caught!

  • Halo-343 uses Quick Attack!
  • Commonwealth wonders what to name it...

<Ghost_sangheili> oh teh noes

      • mode/#halopedia [+o Ghost_sangheili] by ChanServ

<Nicmavr> Commonwealth: Ghost_sockheili :P

      • mode/#halopedia [+v Ghost_sangheili] by Ghost_sangheili
      • mode/#halopedia [-o Ghost_sangheili] by Ghost_sangheili

<Commonwealth> :P

  • Ghost_sangheili awaits name assignment

<Ghost_sangheili> oh I got one

<Frunnersaurus> Pervertry?

<Commonwealth> Ghoul_jiralhanae?

<Frunnersaurus> c_c

      • Ghost_sangheili is now known as LoseTheGame

<Nicmavr> D:

<LoseTheGame> Commonwealth: awaiting name assignment

<Halo-343> Damn you and your <REDACTED>!

<Snipes450> at lvl 50 he evolves into Spectre_prophet

<Nicmavr> LoseTheGame: Ghost_sockheili

<Frunnersaurus> then Wraith_Forerunner ?

<Frunnersaurus> Then we block him for using other people's nicks

<LoseTheGame> okay if u dun give me a new name soon


<LoseTheGame> AND THEN

<LoseTheGame> IMA EET U

<Snipes450> his attacks are Trolling spree, spelleng phail, and perv alert!!

<LoseTheGame> perv alert?

<LoseTheGame> fail

<Snipes450> i kno

<Snipes450> thats why u use

<Snipes450> it

<Snipes450> its kind of like teleport but works in the opposite effect, in that your opponent flees the battefield

<LoseTheGame> That would be useful


Doctor_Hax is now known as Peter_Venkmen

<Peter_Venkmen> We're here to take care of your ghost problem ma'm

Syd_Barrett throws Marshmellows at Venkman.

Peter_Venkmen activates his proton pack

<Syd_Barrett> I like my GHOSTS!

Snipes450 is now known as Egon_Spengler

<Egon_Spengler> we need Ray and a random black guy :P

<Peter_Venkmen> Ma'am, you ARE the ghost problem

<Syd_Barrett> I'm REAL DAMN IT.

<Peter_Venkmen> A REAL GHOST

<Peter_Venkmen> I am not denying you're real ma'am. I can see through you though

<Syd_Barrett> ... Aww, my active camo is stuck

<Peter_Venkmen> I call bullshit. Remember not to cross the streams boys!

<Egon_Spengler> let's get her!!!

Syd_Barrett <_<

Peter_Venkmen activates proton pack and puts containment device on floor

<Egon_Spengler> its not working!!! we need Ray and a Random black guy

Syd_Barrett hides in the mirror maze

<Egon_Spengler> ha! i built that

<Egon_Spengler> u r trapped

<Peter_Venkmen> We never had a random black guy!

<Egon_Spengler> well we need Ray and Rick Moranis!!

<Peter_Venkmen> [Smoke], we need a random black guy!

Spamhammer is now known as The_Key_Master

<The_Key_Master> Happy now?

MidnightRambler is now known as Uncle_Remus

<Egon_Spengler> ya rick moranis

<Peter_Venkmen> NO! we need rick moranis!

<Uncle_Remus> What about me? :'(

<The_Key_Master> Rick Moranis is the Key Master

<Egon_Spengler> no we need A_Random_Black_Guy

<Peter_Venkmen> THEN FINE!

<Peter_Venkmen> WELL smoke is the only black guy here


<The_Key_Master> No, You want Winston Zeddmore (sp?)

Syd_Barrett [~chatzilla@] has quit [Disconnected by services]

Syd_Barrett_ is now known as Syd_Barrett

<Peter_Venkmen> Zeddemore

<Lord_Oblivion> Zuul, motherfucker, Zuul!

Syd_Barrett is now known as Beth_Zuul

Beth_Zuul BWARGHS!

The_Key_Master Shoots Peter_Venkmen for being a Fluffy in Disguise

Subtank's Test

  • Please note that Subtank didn't kick Galactica for no reason she was attempting to see if something was working, it was a real test.

<Sub7ank> Galactica: Would you like to volunteer for a test?

<Galactica> perhaps...

<Galactica> PM, I suppose?

<Sub7ank> No, it will be public. :)

<Halo-343> Ooh, a test

<Snipes450> what kinda test

<Sub7ank> A... "special" test.

<Galactica> sounds hawt :D

<Halo-343> lol

<Snipes450> :O ya it duz

<Sub7ank> That's a yes?

<Galactica> yep :)

<Sub7ank> :)

<Sub7ank> :D

<[Smoke]> ahahaha

<Galactica> so... where do know ;)

<Snipes450> >:D

mode/#halopedia [+b *!*@host86-138-163-185*] by Sub7ank

Galactica was kicked from #halopedia by Sub7ank [Galactica]

<Snipes450> XD

<Halo-343> Ha!

<Sub7ank> Now, let's see if this works...

<[Smoke]> lmao

Not a misanthrope

<Snipes450> misanthrope= someone who has a general mistrust/hatred of the human race

<Snipes450> i lean more towards the mistrust thing

<[Smoke]> Snipes450: I'm not a misanthrope, I just have zero tolerance for stupidity

<Snipes450> [Smoke]: which encompasses 90% of the population nowadays :P

<[Smoke]> exactly.

<[Smoke]> lol

<Snipes450> [Smoke]: 6 122 700 000- the stupid population of Earth :P 90% of human population

<[Smoke]> lol

<Sir_Konrad> LOL

Too many Fluffys!

<Fluffy83> My lineage is flawless

  • Snipes450 finds a flaw in Fluffy83 's lineage

<Fluffy83> ok, so i made one too many clones, who cares?

  • Fluffy84 [~8265a381@gateway/web/freenode/x-sktwhfejohaxlpvp] has joined #halopedia

<Fluffy84> what of it?

  • Fluffy85 [~8265a381@gateway/web/freenode/x-tjghbjtiwdqmgwvu] has joined #halopedia

<Fluffy85> what of it?

<Snipes450> :O

<Snipes450> sox!

  • Fluffy86 [~8265a381@gateway/web/freenode/x-xntqmwpubgrimwgp] has joined #halopedia

<Fluffy86> what of it?

  • Fluffy87 [~8265a381@gateway/web/freenode/x-mdmwkxxkjyrsoafm] has joined #halopedia

<Snipes450> too many Fluffys!!!!!

<Fluffy87> What of it?

Aeolus doesn't like Fixer

  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer41 with a stapler
  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer42 with a stapler
  • Galactica [] has joined #halopedia
  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer43 with a stapler
  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer44 with a stapler
  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer45 with a stapler
  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer46 with a stapler

<Galactica> XD

  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer47 with a stapler
  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer48 with a stapler

<Snipes450> roflmao

  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer49 with a stapler

<Galactica> ouch... looks like a Fixer epidemic

<Snipes450> lol

  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer50 with a stapler

<Snipes450> xD

  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer51 with a stapler
  • Aeolus|Busy runs out of staples
  • Aeolus|Busy gets more

<Snipes450> lmao

  • Fixer40 hands you more staples.

<Aeolus|Busy> now die, will you...

  • Aeolus|Busy kills Fixer52 with a stapler
  • Snipes450 hands u a staple gun



  • Fixer40 hands you a Staple Shotgun
  • Aeolus|Busy grabs both and goes mass Fixer-killing

<Fixer40> Well. you know.

<Aeolus|Busy> diediediediediediediediediediediediediediediedie

<Fixer40> I like being Original, and not in the group. So if they don't leave...

      • Fixer40 is now known as RomerosHead-

<Aeolus|Busy> wow I kill all the Fixers except himm, and he disappears...

Halo: Battlefront II

<Snipes450> General57: ya Halo needs to go SW: Battlefront II and make some games with Space battles :P

<Flood12345> That would be awesome.

<General57> "Press X to fire the MAC Cannon!"

<SergeantMajor118> xD

<Flood12345> BOOM!!!!!

<Snipes450> press Y for Point Laser Defense

<General57> "Press RB to yell at the drunk Lieutenant."

<Flood12345> XD

<Snipes450> xD

<General57> "Press Y to push him out the window."

<Snipes450> General57: nuh uh, i already chose Y, note above

<General57> lol my bad

<Snipes450> :P

<General57> "Press A to take a gun and begin randomly shooting your crew."

<General57> Or...

<SergeantMajor118> xD

<Snipes450> a Halo version of SW: Battlefront II would be epic tho

<SergeantMajor118> "Prepare to repel boarders!"

<General57> "Press RT to use your powerup."

<Flood12345> "RL to detonate NOVA Bomb"

<General57> KEYES POWERUP: Turn into Captain Keyes

<Flood12345> Oh yeah.

<General57> Complete with his original pipe

<Snipes450> the best part is it could include different eras, like Forerunner-Flood War space Battle

<General57> That you can use to hit unruly crew

<SergeantMajor118> lol

<General57> And do things that don't seem possible

<Snipes450> new Forerunner and Flood characters would be brought into the game

<General57> Dreadnought!

<Snipes450> Dreadnought vs Flood Ship

<Flood12345> "Press RB+RL+Y+B+A+X to use the Gravemind"

<Snipes450> the Gravemind has now communicated with his troops, multiplying their attack by +50

<General57> lol

<Snipes450> :P

<General57> "Press DOWN to activate the Halo rings."

<Snipes450> Press A+B+X+LB+RT+A+Y to use Halo Activation

<Snipes450> Halo has now been activated ur all f*cked!!!

<Snipes450> the Flood uses Mendicant Bias, all Forerunner forces are now betrayed and revealed, but he'll feel bad about it in a few millenia.

Something else

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<Snipes450> Halo-343: no u

<Halo-343> :(

<Flood12345> =D

<Snipes450> thats for THE GAME from earlier

<General57> Bax

<Snipes450> fruntz

<Snipes450> readin the Bnet update from last week, got a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of the shotgun and Grenade Launcher loadout >:|

  • Flood12345 grins
      • Fluffy83 [~82655eda@gateway/web/freenode/x-awmmtvqjvfhhzciv] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]

<Flood12345> mwuahahaha

<General57> lulz.

  • Snipes450 pwns Flood12345 with the DMR load out >:)

<General57> ...that weapon looks pretty cool

  • Flood12345 snipes Snipes

<Snipes450> ya, BR and Sniper in a mix

  • Snipes450 reminds Flood12345 thats Spartansnipers are snipe-proof
  • Flood12345 uses the Focus Rifle against Snipes

<General57> lol

<Snipes450> noez!!!!

<Flood12345> yez!!!!

  • Flood12345 winz
      • Jug6ernaut [~chaosfame@] has joined #halopedia

<Snipes450> no but srsly, ive been gettin sick of the one shot kills with GL and automatic shotguns in MW2 and now Reach sounds like its goin in a similar direction

<Halo-343> Writing formal a email is long and somewhat boring...

<Flood12345> Halo Reach: Future Warfare 2

<Snipes450> lulz

<Lord_Strathcona> Considering Grenade Launchers and automatic Shotguns typically kill people in one shot in real life...i'm pretty sure that Halo: Reach isn't MW2.

<Flood12345> Oh yeah that reminds me, in my FSH class, we invented a new Call of Duty Game

<Flood12345> It was called "Call of Duty: Indian Warfare"

<Snipes450> dont get me wrong, im not the type of person to read one thing i dont like on a game, than flip out, and spam hate mail to the company or anything

<Snipes450> cant wait to use the DMR tho >:)

<General57> i like in CoD how there's a lot more weapons

<Flood12345> We had the Sniper Bow, the Poisoning Bow, the Fire Bow the Little Bow

<General57> ??

<Halo-343> Finally, done. I was writing that email for the best part of an hour...

<General57> lol lemme see it :P

<Snipes450> General57: me too, but the lack of vehicular warfare in multiplayer saddens me

<Halo-343> General57: My email?

<General57> Are you writing to Bungie?

  • Flood12345 thinks (and wants) that we will be able to pilot a Grizzly in Halo: Reach

<General57> Wait...nevermind

<Halo-343> No, to the series writer of Half-Life

<Flood12345> Grizzlies vs. Scorpions

<General57> oh...nm

<Flood12345> That would be epic.

<General57> Nah. UNSC Cruiser vs. Covenant Cruiser

<General57> THAT would be epic

<Snipes450> Flood12345: not grizzlies, but in the ViDoc before the April fool's one, there was what looked like a variant of a scorpion, just not a grizzly

<Flood12345> Slayer, but instead of players, with frigates.

      • Jedimca0 [~Jedimca0@unaffiliated/jedimca0] has quit [Quit: Back I will be.]

<General57> Yeah, and you;re the captain

HOTM conflict

<Nicmavr> New HOTM... lets hope we can have a vote without any more conflict like last time.

  • Sub7ank starts a HOTM uprising!
  • Snipes450 starts a HOTM conflict

<Nicmavr> :o

  • [Smoke] starts a HOTM war
  • Sub7ank assembles the HOTM knights!

<Nicmavr> You guys are *rollin'*

<Snipes450> urisining-->conflict-->war-->armaggedon

<Snipes450> *uprising

Part Troll

<Speedbird> [Alpha]: ur a troll

<[Alpha]> ur mom is a troll

<Snipes450> [Alpha]: So Nicmavr is part troll, I always suspected

<[Alpha]> lol

General5_7 and Fluffy83's marriage

<Fluffy83> General5_7: MARRY ME PLZ

<General5_7> ...

<Snipes450> General5_7: not what i would call a proposal

<Fluffy83> General5_7: PLZ PLZ PLZ

<General5_7> ........

<General5_7> NO

<General5_7> U

<Fluffy83> NO U!

<Snipes450> :O

<Snipes450> Fluffy83: she's askin u, thats hawt

<Lord_Oblivion> Marriage proposal?

<Fluffy83> I accept General5_7, LET US HAVE A WHITE WEDDING@!

  • General5_7 runs

<Snipes450> Lord_Oblivion: ya Fluffy + G57

<The_rogue_smiler> I will give you a white wedding.

<Snipes450> The_rogue_smiler: ;)

<Kouger> General Fluffy 140

<Snipes450> Kouger: lulz

<Kouger> I regret to say this is the end.

<Kouger> I'm going now.

<General5_7> ?

<General5_7> :(

<Kouger> I bid you all a very fond farewell.

<Kouger> Goodbye.

      • Kouger left #halopedia

<Snipes450> :O he put on the ring

<Snipes450> General5_7: Kouger left wit da ring :P

<Fluffy83> DAMN!

<Fluffy83> Sorry General5_7, looks like we can't get married

My Hero

<Snipes450> anyone else read the most recent Bnet update?

<Snipes450> Nathan Fillion is my new hero

<Snipes450> he destroyed Justin Beiber in Halo: Reach

Why Beiber sucks

<+Karly_boy> Snipes450: Why do you think he sucks? ;)

<+Karly_boy> Clearly his hand-eye coordination is suited to the PlayStation 3

<Snipes450> cuz he's Justin Beiber thats why he sucks

CT's Not #1 anymore :O


<Snipes450> ZOMFG, when did this happen?

<+Karly_boy> Snipes450: Oh yeah?

<Snipes450> Karly_boy: i mean Jugus passin CT :O

<+Karly_boy> Tony's gonna be pissed

<+Karly_boy> "Noo! The position of 'General of the Army' was MIIIINE!"

<+Karly_boy> *Marine Corps >.>

<Snipes450> 12:00 CT logs onto halopedia

<Snipes450> 12:01 CT checks top users for some reason

<+Karly_boy> 12:02 CT ragequits?

<Snipes450> 12:02 CT does 12000 edit to reclaim his title, there is no more edits to make on halopedia

<+Karly_boy> XDDD

<Snipes450> 12:03 halopedia suffers massive user drop off with no more pages to edit

Live Quotes

Catch Phrase

"Thank you Jesus"- Unluckynumber11's catch phrase

Halo 3: ODST Campaign Quotes

Hunters + Cars = Bad

  • Me- "Oh my god it's throwing cars at me!"- When a Hunter hit one sending it flying at me.
  • Me- "Huh, there really are flying cars in the future."- per above.
  • Buck- (muffled) "Get...this...thing off of me!"- After a dead Brute Chieftain fell on him.
  • Dutch- "Lord, please tell me I don't have anymore flying to do today! {UAV Drone crashes into Uplift statue} So was that a yes or a no? {the warthog behind him explodes} Amen."

Funny Delete and Block messages

  • (Deletion log); 13:14 . . CommanderTony (Talk | contribs) deleted "Talk:Unidentified Grenade Launcher" (Unneeded: This isn't Cock of Doody...)
  • (Deletion log); 01:12, March 23, 2010 Smoke. (Talk | contribs) deleted "Real halo armor" (NOBODY CARES!)

Individual Quotes

<Kestrel-029> Snipes450: Got him. BTW, new rule no.1: Never call bungie noobs ;)- Nicmavr after blocking an IP who called Bungie noobs on an article.

<goose> -Global- [Notice] Notice from goose, posted 15:27 on 12/03/2009 <goose> -Global- Upon connecting to this network, you will are required to lose "The Game". Thank you for your cooperation, you may now go about your business.- goose infroming us of mandatory "Lose the Game" status

<Gaijinsamurai> The United Republic of Gaijinsamurailand and Ghost_sangheiliistan comprises over 9000% of the Halopedia IRC chat.- CT informing us of #halopedia's current countries and population

  • Gaijinsamurai is a professional lurker - Why CT is never labeled as away

<Ghost_sangheili> ops r lyk seks, ur supr scared at first but then once u have ur lyk \o/ - Ghost_sangheili describing why ops are a big deal

  • VideoGameChick runs around like an old lady with a screaming neck stump- VideoGameChick