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Xbox Gamertag
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Halo Tidbits
Favorite Halo momentFinishing Halo 3 on legendary!
Worst Halo momentGetting xbox live just a few days after Halo 2's xbox live ended.
Anything elseHave beaton all of the halo games so far, all on legendary. Also saw Johnson hug an elite at the end of Halo CE.
Other Information
MoviesAvatar, Irobot, Iron Man, 2Fast 2Furious, Godzilla, ETC.
TVAvatar:The Last Airbender,Mythbusters, Junkyard Wars, X-Play, Military Shows, other cartoons.
MusicWierd Al, rap, rock'n roll.
BooksHalo Series, military fiction boooks, fantasy.
Video gamesHalo Series, first person shooters, third-person shooters, Real Time stradegy.
MagazinesOXM, Lego
SnacksChips, chicken, home made (soul food), pizza, sweets ocasionally
DrinksDoctor Pepper, Sunny D, Water
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Personal Information
Real nameMichael (Mikey) Canfield
LocationElkins, Arkansas
HometownWest Fork, Arkansas
BirthdayFebruary 23rd
Places I've livedOff of Highway 71, in between West Fork and Winslow. In elkins now.
SchoolsWest Fork until 2009. Elkins since then.
About meI am a huge Halo Fan. I even have recon on Halo Reach. I like to listen to music, and I have a large collection of Halo books, splinter cell books, and fantasy books.
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