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yeah, like that will happen...


not today, stalkers!


youtube (ask for my username :))......urrrrmmm.... hmmmmm... wikia.... OH! I KNOW! YOUTUBE!


October 9, 2010

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Well, can't say that much. I use to work on Wikia, but...

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I bring order to the universe, even if I must choke the -censored- out of it.


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If there was a game where you could play as the UNSC, the Flood, and the Covenant (1st or 3rd person shooting game), what side would you choose?

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Just checked it earlier, there are no War Chieftains in reach. All Chieftains in the game are normal Chieftains, they all wear the same armor, they just have different guns than just Gravity Hammers.


lol that's an awesome picture!:)


To let you know I watch every edit by everyone I just wasn't sure if that was correct but I guess it was Thank You and have a good day rofl


I put it in caps because I wanted you to notice that that was basically already stated in the article and I wanted you to take notice and don't you ever talk to me about being mature and how old are you?